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How to stay motivated after starting your online business

  Starting an online business is great. At first, you feel excited, hopeful and motivated…but after a little while, your feelings start to change. Your motivation decreases slowly. Things don’t go as planned. You start wondering whether what you do is worth your time and efforts and whether this business makes sense. If that happens [...]

Top 17 Financial Tips to Live a Rich Life

  There is a gazillion things we can do to improve our life financially but it's always hard to know what's best. To navigate this jungle, I asked 16 financial experts and bloggers to give you their best financial tips, tricks and strategies. Here there are: "I always say that the more expensive the purchase is the [...]

5 Reasons Why Most Don’t Become Wealthy

There are common mistakes that prevent the majority of people from becoming wealthy. The average person has been growing up in a family where he’s never met or known anyone who was wealthy, he goes to school socializes with people who aren’t wealthy, he works with people who are not wealthy, he’s a reference group [...]

5 Tips for Writing a Successful Guest Post

Guest posting is all the rage! No seriously, if you’re a blogger and not guest posting, you’re missing out! Guest posting on other people’s blogs is a great way to reach a new (sometimes wider) audience, among other reasons. But what if you haven’t guest posted before? It can seem a bit intimidating. You’ve probably [...]

The 2-Minute Opportunity Checklist for Entrepreneurs

So you scored 17+ on the Isenberg 2-Minute Test (test to find out whether you should be an entrepreneur) and you came up with your first business idea. The problem is you’re uncertain about whether this idea is worth investing your time, your money and your effort. All you need is a simple way to test [...]

One Simple Tool to Make Tough Decisions much easier

Ever wrestle with a tough decision? One day you choose option A the next day you flounder back to option B. Wouldn’t be great if making a big decision was as simple as picking the higher number? The tool I am going to show you is called WADM (Weighted Average Decision Matrix). This matrix makes [...]

31 Expensive Things You’ll Need When You’re A Millionaire

So let's say you followed my advice and made your first million dollar. What would you do with it? I listed 31 expensive things you could buy, just to get you inspired. What about this nice bedroom with this gorgeous view on a frozen landscape? If you prefer something warmer, you can still sleep in this hanging bed. [...]

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