How to Find a Profitable Blog Topic Idea

Building a profitable blog, start with finding a blog topic. But not just any blog topic, it must be a topic you are interested in and that can potentially attracts thousands of people to your blog. When looking for a blog topic you are usually in one of the following situations: You already have a topic idea for your [...]

Flea Market Flipping: How to Make $42,000/Year working 5-10 hours a Week

I like experimenting with new things. The other day I went to my first garage sale, flipped some items and made $80. It was fun. @garyvee I followed your garage selling advice this morning. It took me 5 min to make $80. It was fun, thank u! — Simon Cave (@simooncave) May 29, 2016 I know that [...]

Why I switched from Aweber to ConvertKit

tl;dr: ConvertKit is a new and rapidly growing platform used by some of the most prolific bloggers and entrepreneurs such as Pat Flynn, Leo Babauta, Grant Baldwin, Justin Jackson, Paula Borowska, Krista Stryker and many others. See ConvertKit features If you have a blog or a business, you MUST build an email list. It’s the best way to [...]

Pinterest Traffic Experiment (part 1)

When I started using Pinterest in 2012, I felt in love with it. It quickly became my go-to platform for discovering content and collecting ideas, designs and concepts. It’s such a great tool for inspiration! And for business too... The great thing about Pinterest is that it’s the only popular platform out there that’s purely [...]

Why You Should Learn Less and Execute More

Knowledge is important. Whether you want to start a business, grow a blog, land more clients, you need the right knowledge to achieve what you want. But knowledge is only half the equation... Let me explain Recently I attended a barista course in Melbourne to learn to make great coffees, cappuccinos, macchiatos... (Yes, I love [...]

Why You should Be Grateful

"The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for. Be grateful" Over the last 2 months my girlfriend and I travelled across Asia. We visited Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Malaysia. During our journey, one conversation with one man reminded me of something very important. But before telling you what it’s, let me give [...]

How to Sell Your Product and Services Online

So you built your site, wrote a few blog posts and you are now generating a little bit of traffic. There is still one thing you haven't figured out though and it all comes down to one question: What’s the best way to monetize your site? That's a tricky question... There are tons of ways to monetize your site. [...]

11 Tips on How to Be more Successful

Want to learn how to be more successful? You've come to the right place. Over the past year  I interviewed more than 20 millionaires and asked them the same question: How did you manage to become successful? Their answer was always the same: It all starts with changing your habits If you want to be more [...]

One Roadmap to Level Up Your Life – Interview with Derek Rydall

Derek Rydall is the bestselling author of Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change. He's also an entrepreneur, screen writer, consultant but most of all an amazing human being.  Despite almost dying twice and going through very challenging times he found his path and became a millionaire. Derek now helps people around the world take their life to the next [...]

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