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How to Build a $8 Million Empire by Age 27

If you read this it's probably because you want to become a millionaire. To help you become one, I've interviewed Peter Voogd. Peter is a serial entrepreneur who's built a $8 million empire in a short period of time. He's trained close to 5,000 entrepreneurs and has helped them take their life to the next level. [...]

Top 10 Mistakes in Starting an Online Business – #4 is Deadly

When starting an Online Business you will inevitably make some mistakes that you will need to learn from. But some them have already been made by other entrepreneurs so it's a chance for you to learn from their experience. In this post I will share with you what these mistakes are. So here’s the top 10 mistakes [...]

How to Make as much Money as You Like Entirely on Your Own Terms (Interview)

Do you work 9-5? Do you hate your job? Are you still looking for you calling? Do you want to run your own business and make money on your own terms? If you've answered YES to one of these questions, you will be interested in the following interview. I came across Denise Duffield-Thomas on Entrepreneur on Fire [...]

How to stay motivated after starting your online business

  Starting an online business is great. At first, you feel excited, hopeful and motivated…but after a little while, your feelings start to change. Your motivation decreases slowly. Things don’t go as planned. You start wondering whether what you do is worth your time and efforts and whether this business makes sense. If that happens [...]

Top 17 Financial Tips to Live a Rich Life

  There is a gazillion things we can do to improve our life financially but it's always hard to know what's best. To navigate this jungle, I asked 16 financial experts and bloggers to give you their best financial tips, tricks and strategies. Here there are: "I always say that the more expensive the purchase is the [...]

5 Reasons Why Most Don’t Become Wealthy

There are common mistakes that prevent the majority of people from becoming wealthy. The average person has been growing up in a family where he’s never met or known anyone who was wealthy, he goes to school socializes with people who aren’t wealthy, he works with people who are not wealthy, he’s a reference group [...]

5 Tips for Writing a Successful Guest Post

Guest posting is all the rage! No seriously, if you’re a blogger and not guest posting, you’re missing out! Guest posting on other people’s blogs is a great way to reach a new (sometimes wider) audience, among other reasons. But what if you haven’t guest posted before? It can seem a bit intimidating. You’ve probably [...]

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