3 Steps to Realize your Wildest Dreams + One tip from a millionaire to increase your income by 1,000%

We are the creative force of our life, and through our own decisions rather than our conditions, if we carefully learn to do certain things, we can accomplish those goals.

Stephen Covey

Our decisions shape every aspect of our life and the life of others. Yet it’s as if we were unaware of it. We don’t realize that even the smallest decision that we make today, determine our entire future and the outcomes we can get.

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If you take a golfer for example, before shooting he needs to decide the angle that he is going to shoot from. He knows that only one millimeter makes a huge difference in the outcome. One millimeter on the right and he targets the hole, one millimeter on the left and the ball ends up in the complete opposite direction.

In life that’s exactly the same! The decision to quit your job, to go to university A and not university B, the decision to start writing the book you’ve always wanted to write, the decision to take control of your finances no matter what…each decision you make today is a path that you choose to take and which lead to a certain destination.

At the beginning, the choice you make doesn’t seem to make any differences, but after 1,5, 10 years you actually realize that the decision you made at that moment impacted your whole life.

Think about your own past and an important decision you made 5, 10 years ago, and ask yourself how your life would be today if you took a different decision at that time. Wouldn’t your life be completely different? Most certainly.

Not only do our decisions impact our life but the life of others as well. What if Rosa Parks had took a different decision by letting her seat to a white person? What if the Tank Man had let the column of tanks past? What if President Truman hadn’t dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima Nagazaki? Wouldn’t the course of history be different? Without a doubt.

Decision is the ultimate power we all have. If we want to use it to our advantage we must become aware of its importance.

If you want to change your life right now you need to follow those 3 steps:

Step 1: Decide what to focus on

There are things in life that you want to do and yet you don’t do them, even if you know it would be great for you. So what are those things? What have you postponed so many times without any specific reason? What’s your target? What are you after? What are the things you’ve always wanted to do?

Write down all your answers.

Step 2: Determine what it means to you

You’ve goals and dreams, what do they mean to you? Why are they important to you? What benefits would you get?

Again, write down all your answers.

Step 3: Decide to act

Once you decided what to focus on and made clear why you focused on it, you must act. You must find a plan to achieve what you want.
So look for information on the Internet, read articles, books, videos, audio programs, attend conferences, meet people who’ve already achieved what you want.

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Look for as much information as possible about your goals and dreams and it should help you find your path to get there.

Below you will find a technic that will help you to get the most out of the actions you’ll undertake to achieve what you want.


Tip from a millionaire to increase your income by 1000%:

That’s a technic I learn from Brian Tracy. He explains that you can increase your income by 1000% if you follow steps below:

1. Wake up earlier and read something uplifting, educational, spiritual

2. Write 10 of your goals every morning as if they had already happened, that will allow you to be more focus and energized for your whole day. Example of goals: I made $100,000 this year; I travelled in 34 countries; I wrote a book about

3.Make a list of everything you have to do during the day

4.Organize your list by priorities

5. Start on the first task and focus on it until you’re done with it and then go on to the next one.

6. Use the moments you spend on your daily commute to learn things via audio programs.

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Simon Cave

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  • Nicola June 5, 2014, 4:55 pm

    Love this post – especially the tips at the bottom. I need to use my commuting time more wisely, it’s definitely a time where I just go into auto-pilot mode!

    • The Becomer June 5, 2014, 8:17 pm

      Thank you for your comment Nicola! That’s definitely something you should do. I often use audio programs on the subway. You can learn so many things!

  • Dan Hayes September 29, 2014, 2:05 am

    These universal truths remind me of a quote I believe is attributed to Henry David Thoreau. Essentially it says, “When one really, truly makes a decision, the world conspires to make it so!” I’ve the truth of this in action over and over again. Keep up the good work. Dan Hayes

  • 2SoloMost January 6, 2015, 1:32 pm

    Very much informative and motivative indeed. Hope to see more of such articles in the near future.

  • Corey Hinde November 28, 2015, 6:42 pm

    I haven’t read Brian Tracy stuff for a long time – that list of actions is GREAT and I’m going to do it each day for the next 30 – I’ll be very interested to see how much closer I am to the place I’m going……. cheers, Corey Hinde


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