Why the Becomer was created

I know that a lot of guys out there are frustrated in their life. They don’t like their job, they are in debts, they are afraid of their future. Some of them are trapped in a routine they hate. I even read in a well-known online magazine that 36% of young people, from the age of 16 to 30, had no hope to find a job or even retire one day. Day after day more and more people think that the situation is hopeless. They believe they are not in control of their financial future and that they can’t do anything.

I completely disagree.

I think that people have full control of both their life and potential. The only thing they need is a good education, that’s why the Becomer has been created.

What the Becomer can do for you

The Becomer is here to guide you and educate you on financial independence. Imagine being unworried about your future knowing that you have more than enough to provide for your needs. You could do whatever you want, whenever you want with whomever you want.

But to do so you need to do things differently. You need to change your mindset and learn new strategies, skills and tools.

The Becomer will bring you articles, exercices, videos, podcasts and books so you know how to become financially independent.

The website will focus on the very start of the process. Starting from zero you will be taught how to build your first income stream. You’ll learn how to save and make money to make your first investment afterwards. Once you have set up that mecanism you will be able to replicate it, and hopefully grow exponentially.

Bear in mind that it takes time. Becoming rich overnight is simply impossible, but with the adapted knowledge and patience you are well on your way!

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.
Warren Buffett

Why the Becomer?

Being financially independent require to BECOME someone new. Someone with new knowledge, new strategies, new skills and a whole new mindset. If you decide to become this new empowered you, you will be what I called a Becomer.

Simon Cave

Founder of The Becomer

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