1 Little Known Technique to Get Promoted Instantly

No need to say that getting promoted is great! You get more responsibility, more power and often get a raise at the same time. The advantages are quite obvious but when it comes to getting them, things get a little bit trickier.

Even if 40% of senior business executive consider that promoting someone is “shomewhat easy” (see below) employees and managers still struggle to know exactly how they can get promoted.


I am mean, sure you can do a great job, work harder, stay late at the office, work during weekends, learn new skills, take initiatives…but does it really help you get promoted? Maybe, but most of the time that’s not enough.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at Matt’s story who work for a company that design Aerospace components:

Despite my effort and large work load, my request for promotion to the Principal Engineer was denied. I presented my Manager the work load data for the last 5 years and recommendation letters from our Sales people. Most of the Sales Managers tell me that I am the best they have worked with in term of customer support creativeness, and high success rate. My Manager after listening to my presentation, tried to give me one excuse after another like “you are too young”, “you have room for improvement

The situation that Matt is going through is not unique. There are thousands of people out there who suffer from that exact same situation, a situation where employees, managers do all their best at work and never get promoted for X reasons.

If you are in that situation you must probably wonder how you can still convince your boss that you deserve a promotion and that you are up to it.

Well to convince your boss you need to put yourself in his/her shoes. If he or she doesn’t promote you is for only 2 reasons :

– The company you work for is in poor financial health and your boss can’t afford to promote you and pay you more. In that case you should really consider prospecting other companies that would pay you more for the value you bring.

– The second reason is that your boss is afraid and uncertain about your capacity to handle the position you want. Getting you promoted is a risk for him/her. What if you get a higher salary but weren’t able to fulfill the requirements of the position? What if your lack of experience harmed the company productivity ?

So what you need to do is to reassure your boss and offer him/her something he/she can’t refuse.

To do so I am going to show you a technique that I’ve learned from Jay Abraham who is a famous business man who got listed in Forbes top five executive coaches in the US in 2000. The technic is simple :

Volunteer for 1 or 2 month(s) to take on additional responsability or fill in as interim supervisor or manager on your own time and at no additional pay. Agree with your boss that if you do a great job during that period of time, he/she will have to promote you afterwards.

What does happen when you do that ? Well, you basically offer your boss to work more as a supervisor or manager while keeping your actual salary !

That technique is an excellent way to convince your superior who doesn’t risk anything at trying it. When you do that, you give yourself the chance to prove to your boss that you can handle the position and that there is no risk for him/her to increase your salary. As a result, and providing that you do a great job, you should get the promotion and raise you’ve been asking for so long.


So what do you think ? Have you ever tried that technic ? Or have you ever faced a situation where your boss didn’t want to give you the promotion you deserved ? Let me know below, I read and answer every comment !

Simon Cave

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  • Colin Dyer June 25, 2014, 5:24 pm

    That’s true for the most part, unless if you don’t do a good job the company might suffer (i.e., have a loss, have a safety issue, etc.). I can say, though, that this worked for me in the past. Now that I’m in the Navy, things work a little different. But, the guys who get the best evaluations (which lead to them getting promoted) are the ones who are already performing at the level of the next rank above them. So, yes, this is great advice, just make sure if you put yourself on the line that you don’t mess anything up.

    • The Becomer June 25, 2014, 7:51 pm

      Thank you for your comment Colin! You are totally right, the ones who are already performing at the level of the next rank above them get often promoted.


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