2 Unconventional Methods to Get your Dream Job

Get your Dream Job

Finding a job is often frustrating. You send thousands of CV and cover letters; make hundreds of phone calls and Skype calls to get only 4 interviews.

Some people will also advise you to use someone’s string pulling, but if you have no contact it doesn’t make things easier.

The problem when searching for a job is that most people do the same thing. They go on the Internet to look for job offers, go to employment agencies, contact companies directly, send speculative applications…

Everybody does the exact same thing and struggle.

There must be a way to do things differently don’t you think?

If you want to get the job of your dream and become financially successful you need to do one single thing:

Never act like everybody.

80% of people act more or less the same way to get a job. 20% do things differently and have outstanding results. The reason? They think outside the box and call into question everything.

If you are currently looking for a job, I want you to think out the box.

You have learnt that to get a job you need a CV and Cover letter then you need to contact the company, call again…that’s boring! Even the recruiters are bored. They receive thousands of CV and cover letters everyday with the same description and the same old record:

I am really motivated to work within your company because…

Do thing differently! I am going to give you 2 ways to get a job.

CV cover letter, what else do you got?

CVs and cover letters are nice when it’s well written but why don’t you send more to the company you are looking for? Send them:

  • A video: Don’t send an awkward video with a crappy montage, but a video that shows what you’re able to do. It may be humoristic, professional or something simple. If you do it the right way, you’ll be able to get the recruiter attention pretty easily. I don’t think he/she receives videos everyday. (If you like this technic get more info here).
  • A poster: Create a poster and customize it for the company. Imagine a photo of you and an illustration of the company with 2 or 3 short sentences describing how you could collaborate together. Be inventive! There are so many ways to do it (if you don’t have any idea leave a comment and I’ll find you one!). Think of the recruiter receiving a big poster roll-up in his/her office, I am pretty sure you would get his/her attention.
  • An object: Create something, or buy it after customizing it (it could be really useful if you want to work in design to send a sample of what you do).

If you do one of those things I can assure you that you will stand out from other job seekers! Bear in mind that those technics are highly effective but need to be adapted to the field you work in. I am not sure that sending a poster for a job in finance would be relevant.

If you work in finance (or something else) I’ve another technic for you

Phone and email are not the best

Contacting the recruiter or getting his attention is hard for one of the following reasons:

  • You don’t have his/her phone number
  • He/she has too many email and CV to read. Your email is the 101th or your CV is lost on his/her desk.

If you don’t have his/her phone number I’ve a technique that I describe in this article. For the second reason, use something that very few people use to find a job: The good old fax! No but seriously who use that today to send a CV, cover letter? Nobody! So get the fax number of the recruiter and you should get his/her attention because you will be the only one to do that.

Simon Cave

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