This guy got Fired and made 6 Figures on Amazon the same year – Interview with Chris Guthrie

How to make money on Amazon

Getting fired sounds terrible, right? Yet for some people getting fired is the wake up call they need to take life changing decisions. Chris Guthrie is one of them.

After getting fired in 2009, he decided to become self-employed and made 6 figures online the same year.

I wanted to know more about his amazing story so I interviewed him. He told me how he made so much money in such a short period of time and shared with me the tools that he used to build multiple online businesses that generate today thousands of dollar per month.

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Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Chris Guthrie. I’ve been a full time internet entrepreneur since 2009 and I have a blog and podcast where I cover the businesses I’ve built over at

How did you go from employee to successful entrepreneur?

My favorite strategy for leaving a typical 9 – 5 job is to spend your evenings and weekends working on your business and to cut out pointless time wasting. There isn’t a shortcut to the time you need to spend in the early stages of any business. Treat the time you spend on your business seriously. Dancing with the stars and other terrible television programs will still be around after you’ve grown your business revenues enough to replace your day job income. You can always get back to wasting your free time watching TV after you’ve successfully built your business, but not before you’ve accomplished your goals. Most people are content to live average lives and do average things like watching the average amount of television (4 hrs 51 minutes per day). If you commit to doing better than average then you’re going to be more likely to succeed.

How did you do to sell your website for 6 figures during your first full year of self employment?

This goes back to the time I spent working on my business after hours. By the time I got fired from my day job I already had a collection of websites generating thousands of dollars per month (with one larger site contributing the bulk of the earnings). So when I sold that website a year after getting fired, it was already generating a sizable amount of earnings and I had the benefit of a full time commitment to working on that website and other new projects.

You make thousands of dollars on Amazon, could you explain exactly how you do that?

I’ve done well over $1 million in referred sales as an Amazon affiliate where I was referring people various products on Amazon and then earning a commission when they bought any of those products. The typical approach I used was to build product review style websites and then review various products within a specific niche. That worked exceptionally well. These days I sell physical products on Amazon so I can get much better margins (e.g. 40% of the sale instead of 4% – 8.5% that affiliates earn).

Featured download: 7 steps to start a 6 Figure Business on Amazon this week

What’s the best way to monetize a website according to you?

This completely depends on the niche you’re in. I like the model of creating your own information products for example, just to prove that this model was successful in any niche I made over $10,000+ just selling information related to the video game Halo. I am also a really big fan of software products where you solve a problem that would be too time consuming for users to do manually but that provides them a lot of value for example – Salesbacker. We created Salesbacker to help Amazon sellers get more reviews on their products (which helps them improve conversions because the more reviews you have the more likely people are to buy your products). But you can also be successful with an advertising model. For example, I bought a website that was monetized with ads and I improved the monetization and was able to make about $55,000 in profit in less than 2 years without writing a single article on that website.

How do you find affiliates?

I like to locate influencers within the niche I’m operating in and see how I can provide value to them and likewise see if they’d be interested in promoting our products or services. I’m a big believer in value going both ways and trying to mutually help each other.

What are your favorite tools?

SEMrush for website analysis, LongTailPro for keyword generation, Aweber for email list creation, LeadPages to build my email list and GoToWebinar to run webinars.

My own tools: AmaSuite for Amazon research and Salesbacker for generating more product reviews on Amazon

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  • Corey Hinde March 27, 2016, 3:27 am

    Very inspiring story – thank you – Corey Hinde

  • Jessica August 8, 2016, 7:56 pm

    How long did it take to make your first earnings? I’ve been doing this for months and have only gained 55 clicks.


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