5 Little Known Tools and Hacks to Contact Absolutely Anyone

5 Little Known

Someone once said: “Your network is your networth”.  

Truer words were never spoken. Your ability to grow your network and build meaningful relationships with people can unlock many opportunities for you – including increasing your income.

In business it all comes down to relationship and networking.

Want to build a successful online business and retire? Build a relationship with someone who has already done it and learn from him/her.

Want to get featured on an authority site to increase your traffic and grow your community? Get to know the person who run the site and ask to get featured.

Want to get sponsors for your site? Find people in charge of sponsoring programs and pitch them your site.

No matter what opportunities you try to unlock, it usually involves contacting new people.  So today I’m going to show you some little known tools and hacks that you can use to reach out to people online so you can unlock opportunities.

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Email Hunter

Email Hunter is one of my favorite tools to find email addresses using domain names.

email hunter

Email Hunter also has a Chrome extension that allows you to quickly find email addresses every time you visit a website or a LinkedIn profile. 

If you go to the New York Times for example, you can find the email address of editors and writers in one click.

Email Hunter Extension

Email Hunter on LinkedIn


VoilaNorbert is another little tool that helps you find email addresses just by indicating a first name and last name and a domain name.



If Email Hunter and VoilaNobert don’t suit you, you can still find email addresses manually using Mailtester. All you need to do is try different combinations using the first name, last name and the domain name of the person you try to reach. Mailtester will automatically tell you whether the email address you type in is valid or not.


LinkedIn hack

LinkedIn is one of the best resources out there to reach out to people. The best thing about this platform is that you don’t necessarily need to upgrade for a premium account to contact people you don’t know.

Here’s one trick that will allow you to contact someone you don’t know on LinkedIn even if you have a free account:

1. Make a research on LinkedIn of the person you want to contact

LinkedIn search

2. Check his/her profile to see what groups he/she is member of

LinkedIn group

3. Join one of the groups he/she is member of

4. Once you are a member, click on member

LinkedIn group member

5. Look for his/her name

Search for name LinkedIn

6. Contact him/her directly from the group page by clicking on send message

Send a message to someone you don't know on LinkedIn

(note: this technique doesn’t work with every profile though)


I can’t help but to mention Sidekick in this post. This little tool for Gmail allows you to track the emails you send so you know exactly who open them and click your link(s).

I often use it to improve both my subject lines and my pitch when I’m reaching out to new people. Typically I send 10 emails with one subject line and 10 email with another subject line to see which one convert more. Then I pick the best one to reach out to more people.

Featured Download: 5 Tools for Internet Entrepreneurs

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  • kishen November 28, 2017, 7:26 am

    Hey there!

    I need to try the Linkedin hack. About Email Hunter, their Linkedin extension doesn’t function anymore. I use https://findthat.email/ and it has worked great. Any other new tools that you’ve come across?


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