Here’s The Fastest Way To Make A Great Profit Online (Without Any Ads or Affiliate products)

Make a profit online fast

When starting off it’s always challenging to know what the best way is to make a great profit online. There are so many information out there that you can easily find yourself confused and overwhelmed. So if you are currently lost and look for a realistic way to make a great profit online, I strongly advise you to read this article until the end.

First of all if you just start off online and want to make a great profit, ads and affiliate products shouldn’t be your main focus. Let me prove it to you with an example.

Let’s say you get 600 visitors/month on your website and you use both Adsense and Amazon Associate to promote affiliate products. Here’s the results you will probably get:


thumbs downAds: If 10 visitors click on your ads, you will make $3 (maybe a little bit more)

Affiliate products: If 2 visitors buy an Amazon product that you promote and that this product costs $30, you will make $2,4 (Amazon 4% commission).


When you make the addition you only make $5,4 with Ads and affiliate products combined.  That’s pretty frustrating right?

Now there is a better way to make money online.

Here’s the real way to make a great profit…

If you really want to make a great profit when few people come to your website, focus on creating and promoting your own product instead!

the fastest way to make a profit online


Gosh, I wish I knew that sooner! When I started my first online business I thought that I would make $2,000/month with ads or affiliate products in 5 or 7 months. Truth is, it’s possible but it takes more time than that.

Making $2000/month requires to get a bunch of visitors on your website and obviously you can’t get a substantial traffic overnight (unless you already have some kind of popularity or know personally some influencers).

So if you just start off and want to make a good profit rapidly, you shouldn’t focus your attention on ads or affiliation.

Building your own product is the real deal!

Now don’t get me wrong affiliate marketing and ads can be very profitable. If you take a look at the profit of the top influencers online, ads remain their main source of income. Here are a few examples.

ads revenue of incluencers

(image sources: Udemy, Famouswiki, Toptenplus)

Bear in mind that those influencers attract millions of visitors every month on their website, that’s why ads are so profitable to them.

But in your case I recommend you to spend just a few hours on putting some ads on your website as well as promoting an affiliate product or service from time to time but nothing more.

Don’t waste your energy on ads and affiliation at the beginning. Spend more time developing your own informational product instead.

Now you’re probably telling yourself:

Ok cool, I understand that developing my own informational product is important but what’s an informational product exactly? 

You are right! I should have started with that.

What’s an informational product?

what's an informational productAn informational product is basically a physical or virtual package that you sell and that teaches people something. It may include various content such as an eBook, some audio files and videos.

The cool thing about informational products is that they cost nothing to produce and bring you a great profit FAST.

You only have to pay $5/month to use a payment system like e-junkie so you can take orders. The rest is only your brainpower and a computer.

As for the profit, if you develop a good product you can easily sell it for $20, $30, $70, $200 or more. You set the price! I even know some guys who sell their informational product for $10,000, and people buy it!

Let’s go back to the example I gave you before:

If you attract 600 visitors on your website and that you get 2 of them to buy your $20 product for example, you instantly get $40 instead of  $5,4, that’s x7,4 more than when you use ads and affiliate!

Now I know that some of you will say:

Yeah ok that’s great but I don’t know anything! I don’t have any valuable knowledge that I could use to make a how-to product and sell it. Only smart people can make a profit with that strategy!”

Well if you believe that let me tell you this:

If you just know a little bit more than most people on a specific topic, you can definitely sell something.


It may be ANYTHING:

If you went somewhere during your holidays for example and that you visited some nice places, you can definitely sell a product about the top 10 cool things to do there. Visiting a place obviously means knowing more than people who have never been there! Don’t you think that some people would love to hear about what you have to say if they want to go in a place you’ve been? Hell yeah! Especially if travelling to that place is expensive and that they want to make sure it’s worth the shot.

Another thing, if you have a job today it means you got hired (Duh!). And if you got hired it’s certainly because you had knowledge that were valuable to your employer. If it’s valuable to your employer why wouldn’t it be for other people? Just think about it for a moment.

But let’s say you have no job, no education, have a very low self-esteem and think that you’re the dumbest person in the entire world. Well there is still a way for you to make money with informational products. Let me show it to you with a real example.

Frank Kern is a guy who wanted to make some money; he’s also a guy who didn’t know anything about dogs. He even had one who hated him.

As he wanted to make some money, he decided to create an audio product about dog training even if he didn’t know anything about this topic. So he went out, bought a headset to record his voice and read 50 articles about dog training on the Internet. He wrote down everything he read and came up with a script using the little knowledge he just got. He then took 2 hours of his time to read the script and before he knew it made $2,000,000 in 2 years.

For the most skeptical of you: Of course that guy knew his stuff about selling products, but still! The story illustrate perfectly that you don’t necessarily need a Ph.D to sell your knowledge.

I am telling you, you can create an informational product that people will love out of nothing! Take a look at some product that I’ve seen on the Internet:

  • Killer stand-up online course (sell for $66.29): A product that teaches people a proven system used by the funniest pro comedians since 2001.
  • The 15-Second Handsantd a beginner’s guide (sell for $74.99): the product basically teaches you a way to get your first handstand
  • Zygor guides – World of Warcraft In-game strategy guides (sell for $16): A product that covers different strategies to use for the video game World of Warcraft.
  • Children learning reading (sell for $36): Product that teaches young children to read
  • Immigration to Canada (sell for $21): Product that guide you step by step towards immigrating to Canada.

And there are thousands of other examples like that! If you want more inspiration go on the marketplace of Clickbank.

 Simon Cave

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  • Steven Lucas August 27, 2014, 11:11 pm

    Hi there,
    Here’s an article right after my own heart. Something I preach to my list and to my readership. Additional tips are… it doesn’t have to be an original idea, just original presentation. Although don’t copy too closely because you WILL be found out.
    Never stop telling people about your product. Getting it up on an affiliate networking site like Clickbank or JVZoo might mean you’re sharing the income by paying the affiliates, but also means that tens or even hundreds of people will spend their money promoting it, rather than you spending yours.
    Research ideas that people are already buying. A crowded market means that the interest is there. There’s nothing lonelier than a brilliant product being sent to a market that doesn’t want it (not necessarily need, but want!).
    Brilliant article, tons of great information. I’ll be back for more.

    Steven Lucas

  • Rudiano September 9, 2014, 6:41 pm

    Love this post!
    On my way to do this, I’m not too far now, watch this space!

    • The Becomer September 9, 2014, 8:25 pm

      Thanks for your comment Rudiano 😉

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    I really like the idea of informational product making.Great examples you quoted here.

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