How to email people when you don’t have any contact information

Powerful people can call the shots. With a snap of their fingers they can get you a job or offer you the greatest advice to successfully achieve your goals. The problem is that those people are really hard to reach because their email and phone number are usually hard to find. But imagine if you could reach them, how cool would it be? You could get your dream job, or you could get tips for your business…

The good news is: reaching them is not impossible.

I am going to give you a tool that you can use to contact influencers and get what you want from them. Bear in mind that this is not a technique that works every time. Actually most of the time you won’t get any answer but with perseverance and patience you really have your chance.

I am giving you the technique to find a job but you can basically adapt it to find a mentor, a prospect…

How to email people for a job when you don’t  have any contact information:

Let’s say that you’re A. A is a young adult who recently gratuated. He’s now looking for a job in the social media industry. He sent hundreds of CVs and cover letters to companies but received almost no answer and got no interview. He knows that using his network would certainly give him a better chance to get a job, except that he doesn’t know anybody in this industry.

After months of hopeless research, A got an idea. He said to himself why not contacting directly a manager of a specific company and pitch him my profile?

He went on LinkedIn and wrote “Youtube” on the search bar (a company he wanted to work for). On the next page he found the company page, and with another click he could see on the right side every employee who work for this company. He started to look at the different role they had in the firm. He finally found B who turned out to work at the Human Ressouces department of Youtube.

He then went on Mail tester and started to test email adresses that could match the one of B. He knew that companies usually have standardized email adresses and the one of youtube was A just needed to place a name (the one of the person working at the Human ressources department) before the @.  Afterwards he wrote on the search bar of Mail tester and saw that this email actually existed. Bingo! He sent an email to B and got an interview the week after.

This example is simplistic but show you the potential of that technique.

You will probably have to make some trials before finding the right adress. You will have to use the first name of the person you want to contact or his/her last name or maybe both. You have to test various options, Mail tester will let you know whether the address exists. If it does you’ll get a green result but if it doesn’t you’ll get an orange or red result.

You’re now ready to reach anyone by email!

I ask you just one thing: do not spam anyone.

Simon Cave

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