How to Make as much Money as You Like Entirely on Your Own Terms (Interview)

how to make money online

Do you work 9-5? Do you hate your job? Are you still looking for you calling? Do you want to run your own business and make money on your own terms?

If you’ve answered YES to one of these questions, you will be interested in the following interview.

I came across Denise Duffield-Thomas on Entrepreneur on Fire and found her story very inspiring.

Denis basically when from hiding under her desk to avoid her boss to building a 6 figure business online. She started with nothing and today makes money entirely on her own terms.

In this interview, you will learn among other things:

  • How she got started online and what helped her in the process
  • How long it took her to make a full time income online
  • What’s preventing you from making as much money as you like
  • How to find a business idea
  • How to get started online

She will also share with you her top 5 advice to succeed online.

Enter Denise Duffield-Thomas

Could you introduce yourself ?

I’m Denise Duffield-Thomas, otherwise known as the “Lucky Bitch”! I help entrepreneurs overcome their money blocks so they can excel in their businesses and create First Class lives.

Geographically I live near the beach in Newcastle, Australia – but I mostly live online.

How did you get started online?

Around 2004, I was living in London and working in a soulless office building that gave me hives as soon as I walked in the door. My boss was kind of psycho – I’d pretend to drop a pencil when he walked by so I could hide under my desk. One lunch time, I was wandering around a book shop asking “What should I do with my life?”. I stopped in front of a book literally called “What Should I do With My Life?” by Po Bronson.

That book gave me permission to do things differently to my friends – who were all working 100 hour consulting jobs and making heaps more money than me but trapped to their desks or living at airports between clients.

Soon after, I created my first ever online product – an ebook called “Internet Dating for Men”. I made about £1000 from it and I was hooked. I’d love to say that I was a huge success from there but I spent the next few years going between jobs, looking for the right business idea. I started a few different blogs, like a movie review site and weight loss tips for brides but nothing really resonated or kept my interest for long.

Make money online honeymoon destinations

In 2010, I won a blogging competition to travel around the world for six months reviewing honeymoon destinations. That was suddenly my taste of full time blogging. My hubby and I created over 150 videos, 200 blog posts and did 100 media interviews – all on the road. It made me realize there is more to having a successful online business than blogging sporadically.

I came home after that trip with zero dollars in my bank account, sand in everything I owned but with a determination to create my own business.

How long did it take you to make a full time income online?

If you don’t count my early attempts in my practice businesses, it took about six months to replace my salary. I had to pitch it to my husband that we’d live on his salary for six months, which also meant no holidays, nothing new for the house and reduced budget for anything.

Every few weeks, he’d suggest that I get a job but I had a vision of freedom. I never ever wanted to wear a uniform again.

Each hundred dollars I made felt like a million and that spurred me to keep learning my craft and building an audience. I increased my prices every few months, learned how to run group coaching programs and eventually turned my course into an evergreen e-course – we just hit 1300 members.

Last year, I paid for my husband’s entire trip to Brazil for the World Cup, so now he thinks those early days were a good investment!

In your blog and bootcamp you help female entrepreneurs find the right market position for their business, could you talk a little bit more about it and explain why it’s so important?

I help women (and some guys) understand that pricing is just a marketing tool. It’s not a literal reflection of your worth as a human being OR an entrepreneur.

The problem for some entrepreneurs is that we personalise the money stuff, and we create stories about money. Who am I to earn this much money doing something I love?

It’s not just beginners either. I’ve found that it’s mostly mindset that helps you break through income plateaus, and a lot of people get stuck and don’t know why.

This especially hits people who grew up with blue collar parents, if they come from a family where people worked physically hard for their money. Suddenly it seems obscene to make thousands of dollars blogging or “sitting around” on the computer.

Internet lifestyle

There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur, with all the amazing resources we have at our fingertips. But, we’re forging new paths and with that comes new insights into how we view success and money.

I help entrepreneurs navigate that, and give themselves permission to make as much money as they like – entirely on their own terms.

Let’s say I’ve no business idea and no clue on how to start an online business, what are the first steps I should take to get started?

The best business ideas are where your passion, skills and the needs of the market place interact. Don’t look for money making ideas – look for ways to be paid for being YOU.

How to find business ideas

Start a blog about one of your favourite ideas and commit to blogging daily for a month. Ask your readers what they want to ask if they could spend an hour with you. Keep asking and putting out information.

You can start super lean. I didn’t bother with a fancy website until I was already making six figures. Focus on finding and serving some customers, and invest in your business as you go.

Procrastinating on designing the perfect business cards is not going to buy a life of freedom for you.

Things will start to shake out as you get bored of them, or realise that it’s not in your zone of genius. Stop looking for the “perfect” business idea. It might take a few attempts of trial and error but at least you’re on track. 

What are your top 5 advice to succeed online?

1. Be consistent.

Put out good quality content every single week – don’t spray people with a promotion every two months and then disappear. The magic comes from the unsexy work. You become who you’re meant to be by sheer persistence, not some lucky break.

2. Give your best stuff away

Don’t be afraid of giving too much away for free or at low cost. Some people will get all they need, but others get a taste and they want to work with you more.

A great example is my book “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch”. It’s got practically all of my Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp in it but people still join because they want the connection and access to me.

Think of these as your business cards – out there doing the selling for you.

3. Be useful.

It’s great to motivate people but how are you changing their lives? What ways can you measure the impact of their daily life or business?

People often ignore the obvious once they’ve mastered a topic, but there’s great value in helping people master the basics step by step.

4. Longevity of your idea 

I got bored blogging about weddings and reviewing movies killed my passion for the cinema. Can you talk about your business topic forever or does it have a shelf life?

5. Just start 

Your first idea is unlikely to be The One and it’s all good practice anyway, so just start!

Anything you’d like to add?

Ignore what everyone else is doing and create success on your terms – whether that’s a beach mansion or a yurt. We’re truly living in the age of choice and entrepreneurship is the best vehicle in the world for that. 

Good LUCK!

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  • Andrew February 10, 2015, 9:32 am

    Wow I have read many ‘success’ stories and they get passe very quickly but is hit me by its simple storyline and authenticity…..very inspirational I will get on and JFDI !

    • The Becomer February 10, 2015, 7:00 pm

      True, her story is quite unique. Thanks for your comment Andrew!

  • 2SoloMost-Prenuer February 10, 2015, 1:16 pm

    Great work Simon. Very timely story-line indeed. Can’t wait to see another tremedious effort put forth to bring back the taste of Online Entreprenuership. Thumbs up champ. B-)

  • Christine Mugwere September 18, 2015, 11:32 pm

    Excellent piece. A good number of nuggets of information that are priceless. It really IS an opportune time to take advantage of the Information Age.

    • The Becomer September 19, 2015, 8:16 am

      Hey Christine, thank you for your comment! You’re absolutely right.


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