The Ultimate Productivity Method to Rock your life and Live Your Dreams

Have you ever felt like you had a mountain of work? Do you feel unorganized or unproductive? Do you have big goals and dreams but for some reasons, you’ve never started working on them?

If so, you are going to love what’s following.

The productivity method that I’m going to give you will help you get rid of everything that’s unnecessary in your life so you can focus on what truly matters.

It looks like this:

Productivity Method

The mountain represents your Big Goals in life such as building a successful business, becoming financially independent, being a good father/mother, inspiring people…that’s basically the things you do in the long run.

The big rocks are your weekly milestones that you set to achieve your big goals.

The small rocks are the tasks you do on a daily basis to pass your weekly milestone. We also call them MITs (Most Important Tasks).

The gravels are the things you have to do or want to do but that aren’t urgent or important.

Now let’s see how this method works step by step.

Step 1: Determine your Big Goals in life

To determine your Big Goals in life, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do you want to accomplish in your life?
  • What’s your calling?
  • What’s important to you?
  • What do you want your life to be in 10 years?

To help you answer this questions, I recommend you to read the following article:

3 Reasons Why You Haven’t Found/Pursued Your Purpose Yet and What You Can do about it

For the purpose of this demonstration I will say that my Big Goal in life is to build a successful online business.

Step 2: What do you need to do on a weekly basis to achieve you Big Goals?

Once you know what your Big Goals are, you need to determine what you need to do to achieve them. You may know it intuitively but sometimes you will need to make some research.

If my Big Goal is to build a successful online business for example, I will write the following:

  • Do a market research
  • Figure out which product(s)/service(s) I will sell
  • Set set-up a website…

Those are my Big Rocks.

Make sure everything you write can be accomplished in one week or less.

Step 3: Pick a Big Rock and determine your MITs of the week

Now that you know what your Big Rocks are, you need to determine what your Most Important Tasks are. In other words once you know what you have to do to accomplish your Big Goal, you need to find daily actionnable tasks to achieve it (MITs).

In the example I mentioned that I needed to make some market research (Big Rock) to build a successful business. Here are the tasks that I set to myself and that I will do next week:

  • Create a questionnaire
  • Interview 10 people
  • Talk to people on Forums

These MITs must be actionable so that I can actually work on them on a daily basis.

Step 4: Review and plan every Sunday

At the end of every week you must evaluate your situation to see whether you are getting closer of your dream. So take a look at every MIT you’ve accomplished during the week but also at the ones you haven’t. For the MITs you haven’t accomplished, add them as a priority in the list of things you will do the week after.

Step 5: Stay focused on what’s important

Have you ever noticed how hard it is sometimes to work on a specific task? You start working on something and then you get interrupted because you have a meeting or because you receive a call from a client…

That’s quite annoying and that keeps you distracted.

If you really want to stay productive you got to look at the things that interrupt you ask yourself:

Is that “gravel” or a Small Rock (MIT)?

In other words: Is this thing important or can I do it later?

If it’s gravel just put in the list on things you will do once every MIT of the day is accomplished. If it’s an MIT then stop doing what you are doing and get it done.

If you follow these 5 steps and break down every goal into actionable tasks, you will actually see yourself moving towards your goal.

Now I want to know, do you have productivity methods or tricks? If so let me know in the comments below!

Simon Cave

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  • Jess May November 17, 2014, 12:37 am

    Such a great post and something I think we all forget about too often. Sure, big goals are scary but when you nut it out and decipher the cloud around it you soon realise that everything is doable and not just that, but its easy!

    • The Becomer November 17, 2014, 5:58 pm

      Thanks for your comment Jess. You’re right, breaking everything down is so important!

    • 2SoloMost January 8, 2015, 1:56 am

      Iam with you Jess anyways thanks Simon for the informative script. Well done.

  • Marko November 17, 2014, 4:52 am

    Simon, effective and short article on really interesting topic. I like it much because it is simple and gives me a advices how to follow up my present condition and make it more productive. Thanks

  • Cheryl November 17, 2014, 5:05 am

    That’s a good way of looking at it. Right now, I my mountain looks like a pile of small stones and gravel. I will work on clearing that away and focus on the bigger goal.

    • The Becomer November 17, 2014, 5:59 pm

      You should Cheryl! It gets so much easier when you focus on the right things.

  • Rudiano November 17, 2014, 8:04 pm

    I like the rock/gravel image. It’s easy to be busy working on small things rather than the big ones… We may avoid doing the big ones because they scare us but they are the ones that will move us closer to our goals. Great prioritizing lesson!


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