One Roadmap to Level Up Your Life – Interview with Derek Rydall

Derek Rydall is the bestselling author of Emergence: Seven Steps for Radical Life Change. He’s also an entrepreneur, screen writer, consultant but most of all an amazing human being.  Despite almost dying twice and going through very challenging times he found his path and became a millionaire. Derek now helps people around the world take their life to the next level.

Could you introduce yourself and talk about your story?

My name is Derek Rydall, I’m a transformational coach and I work with individuals that are interested in growing spiritually, personal development and making a big impact in the world, building a platform in the world that impacts, inspires, heals, uplift and transforms people’s life personal and professional. I work with authors, teachers, writers, coaches, healers, entrepreneurs, executives who really want to make a difference in their life and in the life of others through their unique giftedness and genius.

That’s a big question to tell you my story. Like a lot of people I struggled for many years, to fix and heal and improve myself for better life. Attract, achieve, improve those are keywords in my life but the only thing I improved after a decade or more of self improvement is to discover why my life was so messed-up. And ultimately it created such a level of frustration and increase inadequacy that it drove me to be addicted to drugs and alcohol and ultimately almost died of an overdose.  That wasn’t quite enough to crack me open. When I arrived in the emergency room with an IV snaking out of my arm and the doctor telling me I was lucky to be alive, I didn’t understand how all of my self improvement had gotten me there. And I was thinking, I must need to double my efforts, to dig in even harder.

My brother always said I had a big head or a thick head and it turned out to be very true. The universe first whispered in my ear, tapped me on the shoulder and then hit me with 2 by 4. And I was still thick headed enough to not notice the signs that something was off my road map, off my way of approaching life. And so I redoubled my efforts, and I dogged in and about a year later I always drawn. I was doing a film and after a break up, unset break up romance, went south and the movie was going south and I decided to go diving alone in a coral reef and I got trapped and caught and stuff underwater for a very prolonged period of time in a pocket of fire coral and spiked coral and just throw my throat and my stomach and my chest and I couldn’t get out.

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I didn’t know how I got in and nobody knew I was out there. At some point I knew that I wasn’t going to make it. I was going to drawn. And I had a moment of profound sense finality that this was it, this was this end. And there was nothing for me to hope for wish for all of my wit and charm and cleverness wasn’t going to get me out of it and all of was left was to surrender. And so I did, and in that moment of complete surrender something cracked open in me. At this very moment this wave came along or the water literally, the tide, lifted or I levitated I still don’t know exactly at this day but the next moment I was lipping out of the pocket onto the coral and looking down where I’ve been stuck in the labyrinth of coral and I realized that I was a metaphor for my life. I’d been swimming though this labyrinth, following brightly colored things, and was trapped and was gasping for air and that was my life only now it was happening in full 3D and living color and this shift took place within me.

My ego was ripped and I could see that the self I was trying to improve and fix and achieve something for was really a fiction or a character developed by parental fantasies and societal pressure, peer pressure, unresolved, wound and issues within me. But it didn’t really exist. It was a fictional character. And it could never be improved and would never be fixed and would never be happy no matter what he achieved because it wasn’t real. But right behind it, there was the real me. And the real had never been damaged and so it didn’t need to be fixed and the real me was already complete so it couldn’t be improved upon. In fact the whole concept of self-improvement it turned it was be an oxymora. Because when you understood the real self, you could see that it couldn’t be improved upon. And this was such a radical shift that I caused to pull out of society I was going to become a monk but instead I went on this in world journey where I began to discover that most of my actions to achieve and heal and improve my life was creating most of the resistance to the life within me that was naturally trying to emerge.

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I liked the fact that an oak is already in the acorn. And that the acorn doesn’t have to go out and achieve an oak or attract an oak or improve themselves into oak. When the acorn surrenders to the soil and the condition in the soil match the pattern in the seed its inherent potential naturally emerges. As I begun to understand that this was actually the way all of life was designed to grow, I began to live more that way. From the starting point that I already had everything within me, that I was already enough, that was already whole that I already was complete but I had to begin to align my life and come in into integrity with this inner pattern of potential. And when I did that, when my word, thought, actions and environment began to match it, which was in my control then this natural life, this natural potential then begin to emerge in my life often better that I could imagine sometimes quite different but always better.

I went from being broke and broken and suicidal and living in one room apartment, living off $0.19 boxes of macaroni and cheese to ultimately million dollar homes and traveling the world and teaching and coaching and books and programs and films and all of that kind of good stuff.

What’ve been your greatest lesson learned from life so far?

The greatest lesson is that there is nothing missing from you, from us. That we didn’t show up here empty shelves. Like every other seed in nature we showed up already with everything we need to express our fully potential, fully funded, fully franchised. And everything we need is within us. That’s a profound reversal of what we are taught, which is that we are empty shelves and that we have to go out and achieve, attract, add to ourselves accumulate acquire, fill up our holes, all that stuff. And the truth is exactly the opposite.

In fact the word human comes from the Sanskrit term that means the dispenser of divine gifts. So we came here not to get anything from this world but we came here to give to share to circulate to download something, to deliver and dispense some gifts, some giftedness, some services, some ideas. And when we do that we fulfill our purpose, we fulfilled our potential. And it doesn’t mean you have to be on the cover of a magazine to do that it just means you have to be willing to let what’s in you come out. So the big lesson for me is it’s all within me, it’s all within us.

What’s the law of emergence?

It basically states that there is already an inherent potential or pattern of perfection within you and when your condition in your environment inside and out matches the pattern within the seed, within that potential within you that that naturally emerges in your life.

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Another way to look at it is you know your favorite music right now is playing in some station somewhere and if you were to hear it, it would make you want to dance, it would make you feel good, inspire you uplift you. But in this moment it’s not currently manifest, it’s playing, it’s broadcasting. So it’s not in the future, it’s not in the distance, it’s actually broadcasting right where you are but it’s not manifest. Your radio frequency dial doesn’t match the frequency of the station where the music is playing. And when your dial frequency matches the frequency where the music is playing that station becomes manifest. In other words you’ve found your manifest station. Again it wasn’t in the future, it wasn’t in the distance, you didn’t make it happen. You made it welcome. That’s also the truth about your life, the love, the peace, the abundance, the wealth, the success, the wisdom. It’s all happening, it’s all broadcasting. If it’s not manifest you’re not tuned into it yet fully.

How can people look for clues in their life so they can then create the life they want?

Because in truth life is whole and complete and life is always seeking to express more of its holiness and completeness, it’s progressive. And there is only an impulse or progress going on but it doesn’t always appear that way and depending on how disconnected from that we are from that impulse we can experience all kind of crazy stuff in our life that won’t appear progressive. But if you look at nature, it’s always progressive until men get messing with it.

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Sometimes that progress looks like a force fire that’s necessary to crack open certain seeds and germinate the forest and move it forward. And so crisis and conflicts can absolutely be signs of evolution but our life therefore because there is only this progressive impulse, everything in our life is telling us who we really are and giving us clues of what’s trying to emerge.

Whatever pushes or pulls you is a projection of your unintegrated power and potential. The push is all the people and things that push the button and drive you crazy and make you angry and irritate you and you want to fix and change them but it’s really an element within you that hasn’t been embraced and integrated. The pull is those things in the world that attracts you that you admire and that you aspire to. People you think are amazing and brilliant and successful. The more you feel an admiration for someone or something, the better in term of this exercise. And then you want to look right down, 3 to 5 people that you feel that way about. They can be living or have moved on, really anyone the only criteria is that they really shine through you. Something really speaks to you. And write down what it’s, describe them, the thing that touch you, that move you such as “they are such brilliant speaker”, “they are so humble”, “they are so honest, eloquent”, “they are so powerful”, “they are so confident”, “they are so creative”… and then write down what it’s about their story. And then you need to take a look at what you’ve just described and think that it’s you. It’s a dimension of you. And if you put your name there and go “I AM” and then and reword that so that you use all those adjectives in that description, to describe yourself, you are now getting cluing in on who you are and what’s trying to emerge. So you’d say “I Julie, “I Bob”, “I Tom” am a deeply kind and loving compassionate person and a brilliant speaker, teacher, writer, entrepreneur who’s really willing to go for dreams no matter what and never let anybody put me down or keep me down and no matter what I’ve been through, I’ve the power the confidence and the capabilities to take a stand and be a stand and live my dreams and destiny and give my gifts to the world… And you’ll feel that there is this power and this resonance and it’s really you and it’s really true. But you also might feel like “OMG how could I ever be that? How am I ever going to do that? That seems crazy, that seems impossible”. And that’s ok because you are not yet manifesting that level. You have to be congruent with it. You have to come into integrity with it but nevertheless you couldn’t resonate with it and see it and feel it in those other people unless it wasn’t in you.

How can people step out of their comfort zones?

By stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s that simple and it’s that difficult. You need to begin designing a life, have a vision for your life, that both inspires you and makes you nervous and then you need to design a plan that allows you to actually take action towards it because if you don’t have a specific plan for your life, you are living someone else’s plan and if you don’t know where you are going, every road will take you there.

Then you need to put it on your calendar so that you are not just trying to hope it fits it. You are not living life on accident, you are living life on purpose. So now you’ve got a vision for your live that’s compelling and inspire you, you’ve got a plan for your life that creates structure and momentum and movement and direction and then you’ve got a calendar and a schedule that actually get you to take action.

being accountable

And then you build in accountability partners, you build in leverage that could be a coach, a mentor, a friend, mastermind. But you need to create this support structure so you actually do the things that you say you want to do. So if you say you are going to write a book and that it requires you 5 pages 3 times a week, ask your accountability partner to check on your progress every week. And if you don’t write the 15 pages, you have to buy him a $100 dinner. So you find that leverage that pulls you out of your comfort zone that pulls you out of your pattern of inertia and then it becomes a new habits. Because that’s the key, you are developing habits that are now more congruent with the life you want to live instead of the life you’ve been living. That’s the only way you’ll ultimately change. Your habits determine your character and your character determines your destiny. So it’s not your circumstances, it’s not your karma that determines your destiny, it’s your character.

What does it take to build a successful business in your opinion?

There are many ways to approach this. You could build a successful business just by going out in the world and finding out what people want and doing all the traditional business steps and building a thriving mechanism to deliver that. Results: you may be miserable and unhappy but you could potentially do it. You could make money and not be on purpose. You could build a business that seems to be successful and not be on purpose and not be happy.

So I approach it from the standpoint that success means that it congruent with your deeper purpose, it’s congruent with your unique gifts, talents and abilities and that it brings a level of fulfillment and joy. To me those criteria have to be at the bottom line to be successful. And so for that to happen, you have to have a vision for your life that’s bigger that your TV screen. And you need to have a vision that’s compelling and inspiring. It’s more about you living in your truest desire and your most authentic self vs merely acquisition, merely name and fame and fortune. In other words if you had all the money and the fame and the name then what would you want to do with your life? Who would you want to be? How would you want to contribute? What would you want to create? I start from there. If you already had the money, the name, the fame you didn’t need that anymore, now who would you want to be? And reverse engineer from there to design what is the vision for your life. And then to make it as a successful business, you go back to those steps again. You create compelling goal, create a real plan put it in your schedule begin to develop real habits around it.

create compelling goal

Beyond that there are of course many other things to do to create a business vs just a job. And that means create a structure of support so that you are not doing all the job. You may have to do it alone at first but at the beginning you want to be designing into your business vision an eco-system for maximum efficiency. So you want to put in place the people’s system structure that free you from the thing you weren’t really designed to do so you can live more primarily in your geniuses own. Doing the thing or things that you were uniquely designed to do most of the time. That’s where you create the maximum level of efficiency and effectiveness and ultimately productivity and profit. Now it’s hard to do that from the very beginning but you want to build that into the vision and your plan. And that as you go through it you want to learn to delegate, automate or eliminate so that you’d be doing only what only you can do. And someone else or some other system is doing something else. So you want to have that as a vision as a goal and you want to begin to develop that as you go.

What are your favorite tools and resources?

I’ve used a lot of different tools, I used Ontraport for email and shopping cart and all that kind of good stuff, I used 1ShoppingCart before that, I use Leadpages for a lot of optin pages, I use Evernote to keep notes. But I’m not a super big tool guy. Still my basic tools are time and silence, meditation. A piece of paper and a pencil to write down my vision and my goals to keep me focused and on track or on the computer. You know really the basics.

All these tools are wonderful but the greatest innovation and invention breakthroughs in our world most of them came through people who didn’t have a lot of technology. They had a piece of paper and a pencil. They had their own heart their own mind their own soul. The support of a friend or of a family member. What I want to say is that while all these tools are great, don’t get caught up in the tool. Understand that most of the greatest things in the world in terms of the evolution of humanity and the progress of business and all of that came with very minimal and simple tools. Because otherwise it’s very easy to be caught up in tools, to have all kind of software and programs and gadgets and be busy with all of that and become overwhelmed by all of that and not really do the stuff that matters. At the end of the day it’s only a few things that really move the needle.

Do you want to add anything?

Everything you could ever need, want or desire to be all you were created to be is within you. It really is true. And therefore from the emergence model whatever is missing is what you are not giving. Whatever you are waiting for you are actually waiting with. I invite you if you don’t nothing else to contemplate that for the next 7 days or so. And just everyday ask:

If it’s really true that everything is in me, if it’s really true that whatever I’m waiting for or looking outside to someone or something to change is all about me changing. That if I want something more in my life, I’ve to let something more come out of me. If it’s true and it’s, how would I show up today? What would I start to do today to give and to share and to circulate in this relationship, at my place at business?

If this is truly what’s missing is what I’m not bringing whether it means I’m not giving it to myself because I think somebody else should like love respect, validation. Or I’m not giving to someone else or I’m not showing up and really offering my gifts.

I just invite you to contemplate over the next week or so.

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  • Maria Anaele December 27, 2016, 12:15 pm

    Hi Derek,
    As I was reading your interview response, all I could see in you was myself. In the past, I have read all kinds of personal improvement books and watched most motivational speakers but nothing has prepared me as to the way you presented your points.
    I was not able to celebrate Christmas this year due to ill health but it has been the best as I used my lying down and not rushing around to reflect on my life, hence I came across your article.
    You have now confirmed all the things that were going through my mind on my sick bed.

    Thank you very much and God Bless you!


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