How to become a self-made millionaire by your 20s

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I’ve recently had the privilege of interviewing Jamie McIntyre, a successful Australian businessman who got famous by becoming a self-made millionaire by his 20’s.

Jamie has created 12 companies throughout his career and today leads the 21 century education (HIGHLY recommended for those who want to become financially independent).

He learned early that a part of becoming successful was actually to be surrounded by successful people.

Here is Jamie McIntyre with Sir Richard Branson

Here is Arnold Schwarzenegger endorsing Jamie McIntyre

Here is an interview of Tim Ferriss with Jamie McIntyre

By the way if you want to become financially independent I highly recommend you Tim Ferriss’s book The 4 hour work week (mentioned in the video).

The interview of Jamie McIntyre for the Becomer

After reading Jamie’s bestseller What I didn’t learn at school but wish I had I got really inspired by his story and wanted to know more about his strategies and his vision of success. I asked him some questions and here is what he answered. Enjoy!

Resources mentioned in the interview:

What I didn’t learn at school but wish I had (book)

21 Century Education website

The magic of thinking big (book)

Think and grow rich (book)

The 4 hour work week (book)

How to win friends and influence people (book)

Losing virginity (book)

21st century education’s free e-books excerpt

21st century education homestudies


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