1 Book to Wipe Out your Student Debt Forever

student debt

We often say that education is the key to financial success but sometimes it can be an obstacle too.

Students who study in post-secondary schools often end-up being tremendously in debt, which makes financial success much harder to reach.

As the costs of college tuition are jumping to reach historical peaks, we need solutions.

The Money Conscious Student eBook is one of them.

The Debt Free Guys (David Auten and John Schneider) wrote Money Conscious Students which is a book that discusses “ways students can financially prepare for post-secondary school, manage their finances while still in school, and explore alternatives to four-year colleges.

David and John definitely know what they talk about when it’s a question of finance:

  • Together, they wiped out $51,000 of combined credit card debt.
  • David Auten has more than seventeen years of experience in financial services
  • John Schneider has thirteen years of experience in financial services in both retail and institutional investing

So when they give you solutions to be debt-free you listen carefully.

I read their eBook Money Conscious Student and I want to give you 3 reasons why you should get it immediately.

Reason 1: It’s a compilation of everything you need to know about student debt

If you feel lost by the financial system of post-secondary school, Money Conscious Money will give you the tools you need to limit your debts efficiently. From the various saving accounts that exist to the grants and scholarships you can get, you will get everything you need. It literally saves you hours of research.

Reason 2: It can save you from years of struggle

Being ignorant of the options you have can deprive you from benefits you can get.

When you start post-secondary school, there are systems you can use to lower your debts. If you don’t know they exist you will automatically have to repay more debt than someone who knows they exist.

Think about it for a moment. The knowledge you get today with this eBook can save you thousands of dollars and years of struggle in the future.

Reason 3: It offers creative solutions

In the Money Conscious Student eBook you will get many solutions to both get out-of debt and get your finances on the right track.

You will discover 5 things to do with your high school job, 5 things to do during summer break, 10 things to do in college during summer break and more.

I’m sure you will learn things that you didn’t know existed.

To get the Money Conscious Student click here.

Simon Cave

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