Teen millionaires – How did they do?

Teen millionaires

Last time I wrote an article about an amazing teenager, Ashley Qualls, who became millionaire by her 14. (read the article)

Today I want to talk about another success story. The one of Cameron Johnson.

Cameron has an incredible story. He started his first business when he was nine with an invitation printing business. Then he moved to a soft toy business at 12. He would buy and sell them on Ebay. With that business he made $50,000 in less than one year. Later on he would launch 2 websites selling ad spaces and was making $50,000 per day at the age of 15. The same year he became the youngest American appointed to the board of a Tokyo-based company and also wrote a best selling book. Before graduating in high school he made his first million.

Book mentioned in the video: You call the shots


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