4 Things You Need to Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

Who doesn’t have dreams? We all do. Some simply dream hoping to sleep early at night and wake up in the morning, while some have some crazy dreams such as owning a company someday. It does not matter how big or small your dream is, there are certain basic principles you need to follow to achieve your wildest dreams.

We surely aren’t talking about rules and regulations here. Dreams are not made of rules and discipline, but rather sheer willpower to get started. If you have the dream of losing a certain amount of weight for your health, all it takes is the urge and will to get started on the journey and then consistency to keep going.

But dreams aren’t just about owning a house or buying a car, for some it is simply having a happy and peaceful today. Achieving those crazy and wild dreams that might seem impossible isn’t an overnight thing but requires certain acts to be followed. Here are a few things you can take into consideration.

4 Things You Need to Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

1. Clarity

A lot of people reading this or those who have written on a similar viewpoint might never point this out, but having clarity on what you actually want is more important than anything else. So, the first aspect that you need to achieve your wildest dreams is to have a clear space in mind. 

What is it that you really want? You need to write all of it down. It does not matter how unrealistic it may sound to you in your head, once things are on a piece of paper, it starts to make sense. All our lives, irrespective of the gender we belong to, have been living our lives on how and what we “should” be doing. It is high time to work on the dreams that your mind is stuck on for ages.

For example, I always had the dream to own a house someday. This is really what I want and not what others want for me. This is the clarity we need to get started with. It can be anything else for you. Let’s say something super hilarious, like getting a tattoo, if this is your Craziest dream, you need to be determined about it.

2. The Power of Courage

We cannot stress this enough but courage can help you achieve great things.

I had always had the dream when I started creating content to be able to start a blog of my own someday. Years passed and I never gathered the courage to initiate anything. It all took a small amount of courage to act upon it. Your mind will keep showing all the ways you can fail and how things might not work out for you. But it also shows you how you can achieve that dream or follow the path for it and everything might work perfectly well after all.

We as human beings have our base as fear for everything. The same applies when we start dreaming of something that always seems impossible but only a small action can bring you on the right path.

3. Action is the Key

You have now gathered the courage to step over and follow your dreams. What’s next? We all talk about how visualization works and the power of Manifestation. The reality behind all of this is simply becoming an Action-Taker.

I can keep sitting at the comfort of my home and manifest in the universe that “I have achieved my dream of buying a house”. Does it really work that way? Any sane person will know that it takes the right actions to make it happen. These manifestations only give you the power to see things turn into reality what you have dreamt all this time.

For me, I got up from my comfort zone, planned out a small structure of what blog I need to get started with, and made all the small efforts. I bought a domain, hosting, chose a theme, and got started working on it. To make things work you need to be an Action Taker and not just a person who only dreams.

4. Commitment and Consistency

The last one on our list is Commitment and Consistency towards fulfilling your dreams. Who knows you better than “You”? The answer is no one. Once we have finally got clarity, gathered courage, and have acted upon it. The only thing left to be done is to show the best you can and are willing to work on it.

When we see successful people, we only look at the outer shelf where you can see their success and growth. But the commitment and consistency they had provided to reach that level and achieve their dream is something we need to learn for a better life.

Only when you are committed to your work or dreams and have been showing consistency to make it happen someday, only then will you be able to feel closer to achieving that goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What factors can make dreams challenging to achieve?

Procrastination. The word in itself is the reason a lot of us have never been able to achieve our dreams. We are either stuck in this endless loop where we are not ready to come out yet or have been delaying things out of fear. Another factor is when we start to see mistakes as a sign of weakness and failure. It stops us and our minds to think beyond all the bad things happening around us.

2. What personal qualities will you need to achieve your dreams?

There are multiple such personal qualities that you will need to achieve your dreams. Among them, we have Self Awareness and Will Power that are two highly important factors that people often tend to ignore.

If you are aware of your strengths and weaknesses and work on them, only then can you make things better for yourself too. The same goes with Willpower as well which is why every person is able to take the first steps and all the other steps needed to move further.


Here we are with all the major things you need, to achieve your wildest dreams. These are not materialistic aspects that you maybe can buy off any market, or on the web. All of these constitute human behaviors and a mindset that one needs to adapt to if your dream is bigger than anything in the world.

You will eventually come across multiple people and circumstances that will ask you to quit and things may not work at first, but it eventually does. Furthermore, you simply need to be courageous, patient, and clear on achieving your dreams no matter what comes in the way.

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