About Us

Why We Created This?

The major reason behind creating “The Becomer” is to bring financial awareness to everyone and anyone who is earning money right now or looking to in the future. Our founder is aware of how everything revolves around money and how important it is to talk about it just like anything else in the world.

“I have had multiple jobs all the years of my life and no one ever spoke about the need to grow your wealth and invest to fulfill your dreams. Having complete Financial Independence does not necessarily mean that you need to be able to pay your own bills and take care of the family, it includes saving, investing, and checking all your financial goals in terms of emergency.

After drowning in debt countless times due to poor financial planning, it finally hit me the need for proper financial awareness especially for those who are just starting out. So, I kept learning as much as I could and invested in multiple sections of the market”

The Becomer is about the knowledge, research, and financial freedom that every person needs to know about in every manner.

What Can We Do For You?

We are no Financial Advisors but rather a group of skilled people who have learned our way. At The Becomer we are looking to provide you with the same growth mindset, strategies, and methods that we have learned all these years. All the content provided on this site starts off beginning with your first income no matter the age, to your current scenario where all you need is a voice to give you the edge.

Are we committing to making you rich someday? Well, we are surely not. It all depends on you and what steps you can take to save and invest your money that will only help you grow your wealth. There is a quote that might sum up what we have to say.

“The Amount of Money that a person has in his Bank Account is not determined by hi Starting Capital but by his knowledge about Money and his Ability to manage it properly”- Anonymous

Moreover, we do commit to answering your queries and questions about anything that relates to Money and Finance in the best manner suitable.

Why Us?

You are looking to learn from those who have had the experience of failure, loss, and moreover learning in the financial world. The Becomer speaks through personal experience as well as providing original, accurate, and above all relatable content in every post.

Who Is Behind All This?

Hello Fellow Readers,

I am the founder of The Becomer. It has always been a dream to be able to help every person who is in dire need of someone from among them who understands money from a common man’s point of view. So, here I am, working each day on creating content with my team that speaks directly to all of you reading this.

Am I financially independent yet? No, but going to be someday. The journey is never over. The more you learn, the more you grow. And that is the goal I have set for myself and for everyone who shares the same dream. Here is something that I learned rightfully said by Warren Buffet.

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after Saving”