10 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel To In 2022

A shoutout to all the travel enthusiasts reading this right now. If you aren’t one yet, there is no better way to start off things than picking some of the cheapest places yet incredibly amazing that you need to travel to asap. We all do agree that the Pandemic did take the life out of everyone, but since the restrictions have been lifted, it is now time to roll back.

We are in the endgame now of 2021, and we still can choose to visit multiple places that do fit our budget. Keeping in mind all the precautions we can keep, we decided to list down all the places we have visited as well as those that are genuinely super cheap for everyone else too.

We aren’t just talking about traveling locally, but looking at the cheapest countries to visit to explore more. There are multiple factors that one must need to look into such as the currency, location, transportation, food, etc.

Let us jump over to the 10 best cheap travel destinations that will save you tons of money.

10 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel To In 2022

1. Vietnam

The first one on our list is Vietnam. It is without a doubt one of the cheapest places to travel in Southeast Asia. In fact, this place is highly underrated as well. But we do have some of the most amazing spots you can travel to and admire the picturesque beauty of the country. You can easily live by as low as $25-$30 per day with proper food, a place to stay, and much more.

You can start off by visiting the infamous Halong Bay that has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Other than this, you can head over to the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park that has huge caverns such as the Paradise Cave that extends around 31 kilometers.

2. Cambodia

Next up, let’s talk about Cambodia. Yet another underrated travel destination that we loved and have visited multiple times. It is not only because you can easily live with $30 in your pocket each day, but also with so much there is to explore for anyone. The Country is best known for the temples of Angkor Wat that bring in the architectural beauty between AD 802 and 1432.

But it has a lot more to it than just the temples. With this set budget, you can easily get a luxurious stay anywhere including food and accommodation. Other than this, you can even choose to visit the neighboring countries that are super cheap themselves such as Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

3. Mexico

If you are in for a more culturally rich travel expectancy, there is no better place to visit than Mexico. With just $40/day, you can see it all. Among the biggest tourist attractions, we have Cancún and the Mayan Riviera that is known to witness around five million tourists every year. It is because of the exceptionally beautiful wide beaches, inclusive and luxurious resorts, along with multiple water-based adventure sports.

Other than this, you can even check out ​​Mexico’s Grand Canyon that shares the border in the US. Well, you cannot miss out on Mexico city itself with the culturally rich people and various travel destinations that people generally choose to visit such as Museums, Galleries, etc.

4. Thailand

A lot of people have this misconception about Thailand being a place that might cost you a lot of money. Well, here we are covering it under our top 5 list of some of the cheap vacation places. You can get to experience amazing street food only available in the country with miles of the area simply covering the palm-lined beaches. To start off, if your budget is around $30-$50, you are good to go.

Well, there is no better place to visit than the capital itself of this beautiful country. Bangkok has everything you could find with an excellent street life to picturesque temples and palaces. To have an experience of a lifetime and visit the other side of the country altogether, you can visit Chiang Mai, it is a city of thick forest, rice fields, Buddhist temples, and much more.

5. Nepal

For all trekking lovers, this might be the cheap vacation spot you need right now. There is no doubt in the fact it is super cheap for tourists in any part of the world and can easily be done with around $20-$30 a day or even less if you are in only for trekking and nothing more than that.

Nepal is known for its generous and homely people along with the most delicious food you can find on the streets. The biggest tourist attraction of this country is the Himalayas with multiple tea houses available at a very low price for food and accommodation for hundreds of tourists around the world.

6. Indonesia

Here we are with another Asian Country that we cannot stop gushing about. Indonesia, yet another cheap travel destination that you can simply not ignore. Well, most people visit Indonesia for Bali and its extraordinarily beautiful beaches. It is not entirely possible to roam around the entire country since it has around 13,500 islands.

If not Bali, you might simply love the ancient temple Borobudur. It is known to be amongst the most popular Buddhists sites in the world and has this massive traditional mandala. Apart from the beaches, you can find some active Volcanoes Mount Merapi that is highly popular as it can erupt anytime.

7. Brazil

Heading towards South America, we have the largest country Brazil that nearly covers half of the entire continent. The major reason it is a known tourist destination is due to its massive and thick forests and greenery. Near the Atlantic Coast, you will find exotic beaches that cover around 7,400-kilometers of the area. Starting with $30 a day you can stretch your budget to an easy $70 per day for a more luxurious stay

You might have heard of the Cristo Redentor statue that stretches 28 meters and is among the seven wonders of the world. For a more beautiful view, you can look at the infamous Iguaçu Falls that creates a semi-circle of about 247 waterfalls in total. You simply cannot afford to miss this one out.

8. Georgia

We simply could not have forgotten the places we loved in the parts of Europe. One among them is Georgia. It is highly underrated by a lot of people who visit it and also the locals there. As a traveler, if you can get quality food and accommodation with some of the most beautiful places to visit for just $30 a day or even less, there is no better bargain here.

Speaking of the places to visit, we have the dense Savannas and their stunning view that attracts tourists from all around the world. You can not choose to miss out on the world’s largest Aquarius with 100,000 marine life and over 10 Million Gallons of water.

9. Morocco

Next up, we are heading over to Africa and the different cheap destination spots you can find here. One of them we are picking out here that we loved is Morocco. Similar to other countries we have mentioned in this list, Morocco too is super cheap and can be visited for around $40 per day or even less depending on your accommodation.

The food here is pretty incredible and you can even afford a decent place to live away from all the city noise and hustle. You can also check out the stunning Chefchaouen, a hill town with multiple similar colored small buildings giving a picturesque view. Other than that, we have the Sahara Dunes, golden-stoned adobe ksar, and much more.

10. India

Lastly, we have India. With over 1.39 Billion people residing in the country, there are tons of places you can choose to visit. Well, the country is one of the cheapest places to visit especially if you are a tourist and enjoy the best street food, luxury hotels, temples, cultural diversification, and so much more with a mere budget of $20-$30 a day.

A lot of people start off their journey by visiting one of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces and also the seven wonders of the world i.e. Taj Mahal. Also, we have Kodaikanal in South India that is known to be very cold and stunning. For cultural diversity, you can visit the North-East part of India and enjoy the most humble people you can ever meet.

Final Words

Here we are with the list of the very cheap vacation spots you can find all around the world. We have chosen places from every corner of the world such as Africa, America, Asia, and Europe. As per your budget, you can create an itinerary and get one with the trip. The price mentioned is not exactly how much it will cost, but surely something pretty near to that.

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