10 Things People Buy When They Have More Money Than They’d Ever Need

What is the most expensive item or thing you have ever bought? For me, it has been an Apple iPhone which is pretty useful and worth every money spent. But if you ask the same to any super-wealthy rich person, the answer might sound a little outrageous and crazy. So, to make things even more interesting for everyone reading this, we listed down all the things rich people buy with their money.

It did take a little time in digging out the accurate information and the amount these items were but let me tell you it is insane. Without beating around the bush, let us get on with all the crazy stuff rich people buy.

10 Things People Buy When They Have More Money Than They’d Ever Need

1. Damien Hirst’s Shark

The first one in our list is somewhat an artwork, or as it is said to be. You may have heard an artwork named as The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living that ahd been created by Damien Hirst in 1991. To be more precise it is a giant tiger shark that ash been preserved with formaldehyde in a massive glass-panel. Whats astonishing about this shark is that it is 14-foot long. Yes, you hear it right.

This artwork was then bought by Steven A. Cohen in 2004 at a staggering amount of $12 Million. A lot of people still claim that the amount coule be around $8 Million, but no one knows for sure. Shocking right? Well, it is difficult to decide whats more crazy, a wealthy rich man buying a dead shark or someone calling it an artwork.

2. James Bond Lotus Esprit

Who does not know James Bond and the infamous Lotus Esprit car that featured in one of his movie The Spy Who Loved Me. The crazy part of this car that we all saw in the movie is where the actor pressed a button and it turned into a submarine. We all know it was simply a camera or VFX trick for the audience, but there was one person who always wanted to own it someday, and it is none other than Elon Musk who is currently one of the richest person in the world.

Now, Elon Musk bought it in an auction for about US $997,000 from a couple who owned in a price not even near to what they sold it for. Moreover, the car isn’t even functional and rather simply a token. However, the billionaire have used the prototype of the car that inspired him to build the Tesla Truck.

3. Codex Leicester- World’s Most Expensive Book

Codex Leicester is a journal or better say a collection of writings by Leonardo da Vinci. It has 36 sheets that speak about his observation on astronomy, movement of water, luminosity of the Moon, and many more interesting topics. Well, it is still known to be the most expensive book ever sold.

Bill Gates, one of the richest humans on the planet bought the Codex in 1994 at a whopping $30 Million at an auction. After he purchased it, the pages were then scanned into digital formats and were later used as a screen saver on multiple Windows versions such as 95, 98, etc. Furthermore, the pages were unbound from the journal and were encased in glass panes that are then displayed in multiple cities around the world.

4. $300 Million Island in Hawaii

Yes, you read it right. Larry Ellison, founder of the tech giant Oracle bought 87,000 acres of land out of the 90,000 acres of the Island in 2012. He spent $300 Million on the deal and also bought an airline that connects ​​Lanai to Honolulu.

As of now, Larry had spent another half a million dollars to develop and renovate it. He plans to make the island a tourist spot and as of today, he has moved to Lanai completely.

5. Eclipse- The superyacht

Another one in our list of the segment what do rich people buy is a Superyacht named Eclipse. One of the wealthiest people and a Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought the Yacht in 2010 that is rumored to be between $500 Million to $1 Billion. In its time, it was known to be the world’s longest private Yacht of length 162.5 meters.

This yacht has two massive helicopter pads, multiple hot tubs, swimming pools, 24 guest cabins, and a lot more features that one can only think of. A very interesting aspect of this water boat is that it even features a missile detection system to keep it as secure as possible.

6. John Lennon’s Molar

It might sound a little too crazy as to why would anyone buy anyone’s Molar. Well, it did happen. A Canadian dentist named Michael AlZuk bought a discolored Molar of the very famous John Lenon. It was removed from his mouth years back and was up for auction. Now, the crazy part here is that the molar had been bought in 2011, and since then Michael had the dream to use the Molar to extract Lenon’s DNA to create his clone.

Here we are talking about things rich people buy, but then this is way beyond dreams and imaginations. The molar was sold for a huge $30,000 amount which might never be put to the use he expected it for.

7. Albert Einstein’s “God Letter”

In the year 1954, Albert Einstein wrote a one and a half page letter or note to a German philosopher Eric Gutkind. The letter is popularly known to be as “God Letter” because of the reason that this Nobel Prize-winning scientist speaks his view on religion and philosophy.

The matter of fact is that the letter was sold in an auction to an unknown buyer for a whopping $2.9m. Apart from his, in 2017, another letter where he talks about happy living was sold for about $1.56m.

8. Nicolas Cage and Pets

Who does not love pets? Wel, having and loving pets is one thing, but buying exotic animals that you surely cannot keep as pets is a bit too much. But who are we to say anything. It is a rich people thing. Nicolas Cage bought a rare dinosaur skull in the year 2015 at  $276,000. However, it turned out to be a stolen artifact which he had to return to the authorities.

Also, he spent a staggering amount of money in buying a “pet” octopus for $150,000. Furthermore, it is believed that he spent a huge sum of money in buying castles as well as albino cobras to add to his collection.

9. Paris Hilton and the Dog Mansion

Here we are with another pet story. Paris Hilton who loves her dogs above and beyond has spent millions of dollars in taking care of them in the best manner possible. Well, any normal person would spend a few dollars on dog food, but when you have money why not build a mansion just for them.

She spent around $325,000 or more in building a two storey Dog mansion that has everything you could ask for such as air-conditioning, furniture, heating, and much more. Sounds insane right?

10. Gold Plated Toilets

Lastly, we could not have left out the infamous power couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. In 2013, when their daughter NorthWest was born, they spent millions of dollars and building their mansion in Bel Air. Among all the money spent, the most feature that caught everyone’s attention was the Gold Plated Toilet.

Yes, it is indeed true. It was reported that the couple spent close to $750,000 in building up to four such toilets in their mansion. Other than this, Kanye even got himself a diamond-encrusted tooth that cost him up to $60,000.


Well, here we are with all the everything you needed to know about the money spent on rich things. Either be it building a dog mansion or buying yourself exotic pets, there is no limit to buying things that you might never need. All of these come under luxury that only rich people can think of spending on. There are still a lot of such incidents where money did not matter when especially those who buy artwork that might not make sense to normal people. 

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