How To Get 2000 Dollars Fast in 2022 [10 legitimate ways] 

Some people want it to happen, some people wish it would happen, others make it happen”— this is one well-known quote by Michael Jordan, one of the greatest all-around players in the history of basketball. While he is famous in sports, his words resonate in worlds beyond that, such as in business. Everyone wants to be successful, right? Even you. But what many people fail to realize is that success doesn’t stop with dreams; it starts with action. Have you ever asked yourself how to get 2000 dollars fast? It may sound complicated or even impossible, but you can make it happen! 

Earning a large amount of money in such a short amount of time is something that sounds unusual, especially when you’re used to working long, vigorous hours for it. Of course, there are many ways to claim a sure way to earn more money, but it always has its risks. And as humans who need money to thrive and survive, it is only natural that you express your interest in knowing these ways. This 2022, you can do things your way in the name of earning a good amount of money. You can be the change you have long wanted to see, and that starts with knowing how to get 2000 dollars fast?

Success is attainable as long as you know how to navigate throughout your journey. In this article, you’re going to learn how to earn more during the following years of your life. Here are ten legitimate ways to do it! 

10 Legitimate Ways To Make 2000 Dollars Fast

1. Deliver food for DoorDash

How To Get 2000 Dollars Fast

Big companies require a vast workforce, which is why one of the best ways to earn money is to try working at DoorDash. DoorDash is one of the leading food delivery companies in the United States, especially when it comes to the convenience delivery category. It offers its services to various areas, which increases the demand to widen its delivery force. 

Currently, their salary rate ranges from $15- $26 per hour. That means that if you work for just a few hours a day, you’ll be able to earn $50-$200 daily! So if you’re calculating long-term, you can make about $4000 a month and $36,565 a year. But, the perks don’t stop there! In this job, you are in control of choosing your working schedule, which you can adjust according to your available time. 

While you can choose your working schedule, you can’t choose who you’re going to serve. So it’s a good idea to remain calm, respectful, and honest no matter the circumstances you’re faced. 

2. Start Freelance Writing

How To Get 2000 Dollars Fast

Do you have a knack for writing? How about turning your passion into a job? 

In a nutshell, freelance writing involves writing and making articles, essays, poems, and many more according to your client’s needs. Because school work and other requirements will never cease to exist, then you will never run out of clients. If you’re still confused about where to start, you can begin by compiling articles you have written before and making them into your portfolio. This way, you can increase your chances of being hired. It can also help you and your potential clients gauge whether you can cater to their needs. 

You can also join freelance sites like Upwork, LinkedIn, JobStreet, and many more websites where you can endorse your services. Depending on your agreement, you can name your price or abide by the conditions set by your client. These are one of the many ways that answer how to earn 1000 dollars fast.

3. Develop websites or apps

How To Make 2000 Dollars Fast

Knowing how the online world works is a great advantage because we are now in the age of technological advancements. So, if you’re someone whose strength is on the technological side of things, you might want to try out applying for freelance development jobs. Believe it or not,  this is one of the ways to make money as 13 year old.

In summary, web development pertains to making, editing, and maintaining websites. Since the online platform is utilized by most of the population, it is only natural that companies use it. Because of this, people who possess the skills for web and app development have a great chance of landing a job because of the high demands. Depending on what your client wants and the needed skills, you can name your price accordingly. Note that some tasks require a few hours, while you can land a job that requires long-term contracts. 

Just like freelance writing, it would be beneficial for you to join job sites such as Upwork, LinkedIn, and the like. So if you’re still asking yourself how to make $2000 fast, then the answer is to utilize your hard-earned skills. 

4. Become an Uber Driver

How To Make 2000 Fast

There’s no shame in being an Uber driver because you get pain uber-the-top! 

You probably already know about Uber, which is America’s leading mobility service provider. So whether you’re looking for a part-time job or you’re looking forward to a full-time one, this might be for you. In a few simple steps, you’ll be able to join and begin, but the challenge is how to get regular customers consistently. 

For this to be possible, all you have to do is provide the best service possible. Customer care matters a lot, and it plays a significant role in hooking regular customers. Another essential factor to consider is the area of your service. Is it an area where a lot of people need to take an Uber? Or do a lot of people own their vehicles? These are a few questions that you might want to ask yourself for a more efficient Uber driver experience. 

By working as an Uber driver, you can earn $2,000 in a month and more. Also, imagine all the tips you can receive for your excellent customer service! 

5. Trade Stocks Online

How To Get 2000 Dollars Fast

Just a heads up that trading stocks online is only highly recommended if you have the necessary skills in finance. You must know what you’re doing to avoid more enormous losses than gains. Many people risk getting into trading stocks without careful consideration of consequences and end up losing everything later. Remember that businesses have losses and gains, but it’s better to make decisions that reap more significant profits than losses.

On the bright side, if you’re confident enough that you already know about exchanging stocks and everything in between, then this might be a good choice for you. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it can be one of the best ways to earn 10000 dollars per month

6. Get Some Day Labor

How To Get 2000 Dollars a week


Labor work covers a variety of tasks—name it, and there’s always something related to it! So if you’re wondering how to get 2000 dollars fast, then labor under your favor might be the key! 

You can consider working and choosing your shift at a retail or grocery store if you’re just starting. Additionally, you can also work at a gasoline station; it depends on where you want to try and if you’re qualified to do it! Through these labor jobs, your hard work gets paid within a month. Plus, it doesn’t demand to be your sole job, so you can still mix a few sidelines and juggle them. 

Remember that you’ll be able to earn more if you work more, and some jobs pay better than others. Always weigh your options! 

7. Tutor Kids In Your Area


If you have a heart for kids and you’re passionate about helping them learn, then they can learn while you earn! 

One of the greatest sideline or jobs is to teach kids. Aside from having an environment that you can find easier to handle, you also get paid well. While you can advertise your services through various ways online, teaching one-to-one pays more. You get better pay because all your time, energy, and effort are focused on one child. 

Depending on the arrangement you have agreed upon, you can charge accordingly! 

8. Become a dog walker

A dog walker is one of the most uncommon jobs out there. But for those who love dogs and want to earn at the same time, it’s a job come true! 

Believe it or not, you get paid for walking someone else’s dog. But before you venture towards giving this a try, make sure that you work or live somewhere that being a dog walker is in demand.  Another thing you need to check is whether you have the physical ability to do it. Dogs can be very energetic and hyper, so you should be able to keep up with their hype!

If you find yourself a little lost about how much you should charge for walking dogs, it’s best to chat with other dog walkers and ask about their rates. 

9. Become a Network Marketer

Network marketing companies can help you earn a lot if you know how to market it properly. However, becoming a network marketer requires commitment, dedication, and consistency. Of course, joining and starting is easy, but only the strong ones survive, like the theory of evolution states. So make sure you have what it takes to do it. 

Before picking a network, it is important to ask all there is to ask, especially those excluded from their briefs and flyers. These details are what they don’t mention that might put you in a tight spot in the future. Ask about quotas, products that sell well, and products that require other things. Once you get the hang of it and become familiar with how to market your product properly, you can even be one of the leading sellers in your network! 

Being consistent and working hard is the answer to how to get 2000 dollars fast. So don’t give up! 

10. Start A Street Food Business

Starting a street food business is a good idea, especially if you want to be your boss. Aside from taking things into your own hands, you can be your business’ all-in-one crew too! But, of course, everything starts with baby steps so that you can keep things at a minimum during the first few phases of your food business.

If you think preparations are too hard for you, there’s no shame in asking a family member or a friend to help out! If you decide on pushing through with this business, you can offer a wide range of food that people can choose from!  If you get lucky and your stall turns into a hot spot, you can gradually upgrade according to your customers’ demands. Have patience, and remember that food doesn’t only bring joy, but brings money too! 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Is it okay to juggle more than two jobs simultaneously? 

Of course, it is. That is something that you can gauge.

Do I need to prepare a certain amount of money to start a business? 

Yes, you do. Starting a business always requires a capital investment so it’s best to prepare one. 

Am I required to sign partnership agreements with other people? 

Depending on where you have decided to work or whoever is involved in your business, partnership agreements are case-to-case. 

Will I still have time for myself even if I have more than one job? 

Yes, you will. You have the power to balance work and other priorities you have in life.

Does every job have a contract time? 

No, it doesn’t. Some jobs only require you to work for the day. It depends on the kind of job or kind of agreement you have with one another. 

Final Thought

The first step to reaching success is to set a goal. Once you’ve done that, then you work your way towards it. There may be no easy way towards earning a large sum of money, but it doesn’t have to be all hard either. You can always choose which jobs or hustles you can juggle, and you can always weigh whether it’s something you see yourself doing or not. Either way, there will be jobs that will last, and there will always be temporary jobs, but what’s important is that you keep going. Nothing is impossible, not even earning $2000 fast. 

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