How To Make 10k A Month – 9 Legitimate Ways

We’ve heard our friends tell each other, “Technology, like all things, won’t give us anything; but we can take everything from it.” So, if you ever thought of how to make 10k a month or how to earn 1000 dollars fast, the internet most likely has an answer, and it might be the answer. This article will tell you that it is – it is the key to earning 10k a month.

Success and financial freedom aren’t given at birth; they are hustled and earned. That being said, it doesn’t have to be stressful and difficult. Things tend to become more manageable when we do something we enjoy and are passionate about! So, when we say that how to make 10k fast is very achievable, it is because there are numerous side hustles that you can add to your portfolio that you can accomplish during your unproductive time!

This article will introduce you to the myriad of ways you can earn. It can range from writing, exercising your profession, lending your skills, or even your n

9 Ways On How To Make 10k A Month

1. Start Dropshipping With Shopify

How To Make 10k A Month

One dilemma most people have in starting their own business is the availability of space and storage. If you are a new entrepreneur, you might not have enough capital to rent storage or not have enough space at home for your inventory. This is where Dropshipping enters. 

Dropshipping businesses like Shopify allow online entrepreneurs to sell their merchandise and have them delivered to their customers via third-party suppliers and direct shipping. It is a low-risk business-friendly solution for those who are just starting in the business industry. 

One of the most significant advantages of this model is that an entrepreneur only has to pay for the production of the product once the sale has been made or the order has been created. But with it comes the disadvantage of having lower earning margins. But if you’re starting, this is a favorable setup!

You just have to sign-up in Dropshipping, search for a supplier, and let them do the rest! Just remember to market your merchandise well!

2. Offer Freelance Writing Services

How To Make 10k A Month

With the growth of freelance platforms for professionals like Upwork and Fiverr, freelancing has never been easier. All you need to do is complete your profile, build a strong portfolio, and have a competitive rate for work, and you’re good to go! You can rest assured that from the hundreds and thousands of clients looking for freelancers, most especially freelance writers, you’ll more than likely find a match for your writing skills. 

These marketplaces for freelancers were founded with the mission of bridging skilled people with prospective clients. Freelance writing services are offered from a variety of writing-based works. 

One tip for freelance writers is to find their niche. Once you find your niche, it will be easier to build your reputation. In addition, you will have a strong background and portfolio to back up your credibility and quality of work – not to mention how you will find it more enjoyable to write about topics you are comfortable with!

Some people are more journalistic than others, while some are more creative and fictional. On the other hand, some writers are passionate about creating engaging copies that help businesses, while some love editing and proofreading. Regardless of your writing or editing specialty, no matter what topic you like researching and writing about, from business and finance to reviews, sports, and lifestyle, freelance websites have a handful of clients waiting for writers who are up for the job!

3. Start Affiliate Marketing with Clickbank

How To Make 10k A Month

Affiliate marketing has seen a crazy rise in popularity in this pandemic. While scrolling through social media, you have most likely come across friends and personalities who market-specific brands, products, or services and provide specific “links.”

Affiliate marketing through Clickbank makes it easier to earn through commission. All you have to do is sign-up, complete the requirements, choose from their marketplace the product you feel most identifies with you to promote, get your link, and earn! As simple as that. 

Tip: It is always best to search for products that have good reviews. As an affiliate marketer, it is also your responsibility to promote brands that genuinely help people. Also, it is recommended that you take ample consideration of the competition with the brand, product, or service. Placing yourself in a very dense market will make it harder to earn commission unless you have a solid follower network. 

4. Start a Blog

How To Make 10k A Month

There’s something about translating your thoughts into words that makes it so therapeutic and serene. Starting a blog is one of the easiest ways to share what you have to say with the world. And what’s more attractive is the possibility of earning even 10k a month if you get to establish yourself in the space!

Just like in Freelance Writing, it will be better if you focus yourself on a particular niche. For example, some people blog about traveling, cooking, and everyday life; some write inspirational stories and poems; some review movies or songs or books – basically anything and everything under the sun! 

Focusing on a particular market will provide you with a clearer path in establishing your blog. It will be less complicated for you to find followers and build a network because you’ve identified who your target market is – and readers will know what to expect from your content. 

It would be best if you had a strong foundation and follower network because your earning will depend on your blog’s traffic. The more traffic and readers you have, the more likely companies will place ads on your blog that will be converted into earnings! 

Once you have regular readers, then it’s a cakewalk from there! Not only will you have a platform to speak and influence people, but you also get to publish content you love writing about while earning!

You can start via WordPress and a hosting company, and start writing!

5. Sell T-shirts Through Teespring

How To Make 10k A Month

Some people consider clothing as a way to express themselves freely. Such is the reason why fashion is a strong and sustainable industry. If you have a passion for creating clothing and T-shirt designs, then selling through Teespring is convenient for you to earn extra income!

Teespring works by allowing people to create custom designs, advertising them, and reaching a minimum sales goal. What’s great about this platform, besides allowing creators to design products, is that your merchandise will only be produced if the quota is met! So should you fail to reach the minimum order or sales, no money will be lost and wasted because the product will not be produced!

With attractive designs and good advertising, you can create a sustainable brand. Also, Teespring will create your merchandise and will deliver your products to your customers for you! 

6. Start Web Development Business

Technology and the internet have taken over the world by storm. Among the indications of a company or a brand’s strength and reputation is through having a competent, professional, and presentable website. 

Companies are more than likely to gain popularity and become identifiable through the internet, so having a website is almost a requirement nowadays. But creating a website is a skill, and not a lot of people are tech-savvy. And so, these companies resort to finding web developers just as some brands outsource content creators. 

Starting a web development business is an excellent idea because it is a good paying and highly demanded industry! So, if you have the creative passion for producing websites or are dedicated to learning web development, starting this business will surely pay dividends!

7. Become an Amazon affiliate

Amazon is one of the most popular and influential companies in the world. So it only makes sense to tap into this strong brand and ride its ever-evolving growth! Moreover, since most people have turned to online shopping replacing traditional face-to-face shopping, earning through Amazon Affiliate will be a wise venture. 

Just like affiliate marketing, becoming an Amazon Affiliate is using and lending your network through your website or blog site to create links that send potential users to the Amazon website. If consumers purchase in Amazon using your link, you can earn up to 10% commission as a referral service provider. 

Almost every person has a social media account. From adolescents to senior citizens, the world has been taken over by the social media craze. This is why brands and companies want to infiltrate social media platforms to gain wider reach and recognition. 

If you are a social media enthusiast, you probably know how to engage an audience and capture user attention. Also, as student organizations become more tech-savvy, most youths are knowledgeable or have experience in postings and social media management through their organization accounts. 

What if we tell you that you can earn through your passion for social media? Plenty of busy professionals who want to grow their network and businesses who want to reach a broader market look for social media savvy individuals to manage their accounts for them, create copies and publicity materials, schedule postings, and connect or reply to people’s queries! 

8. Start CPA Marketing


Cost per Action (CPA) Marketing is another sibling of affiliate marketing. In CPA Marketing, influencers are paid with commission and referral traffic depending on the “action” that the affiliate and the brand have agreed upon. 

CPA Marketing can also be considered affiliate marketing if the purchase of goods is the target action. But CPA Marketing differs from affiliate marketing (also like Amazon Affiliate) since CPA marketers can earn if users finish watching videos should that be the target action agreed by the two parties. 

Many companies prefer CPA marketing more than paying for social media ads because you only pay for commission for every completed action.

9. Get Into Consulting Business (cash your expertise)


Are you a professional who has adequate free time to help others who need your expertise in your field? Being a consultant is a great way to earn extra money as you free yourself from the burden of being a hands-on professional while still exercising your profession, however more subtle. 

But getting into the consulting business goes beyond giving advice. You also need to help your clients solve their problems and recommend changes or steps to accomplish that are backed by research, information, and analysis. 

For this to work, you need to be highly knowledgeable in your profession or field of expertise and support your reputation by having a deep portfolio and significant accomplishments. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I venture into more than one of these strategies? 

A: Yes. If you have ample time to try more than one of these ways to earn extra cash, then the more likely you will be able to reach that target of 10k a month! If you have a passion for writing and using social media, start a blog while managing an account on top of your day job! You can mix-and-match any of these strategies, and it will even broaden your experience!

Should I be an expert from the get-go? 

A: No! There is a learning curve in everything, and our level of experience and expertise grows over time. That said, the reason behind the differing rates of professionals or freelancers is because the more experienced and established you are, the higher your rate becomes, and the more confident businesses or individuals will be to pay you higher sums!

How do I find my niche?

A: We all have fields or industries we are more passionate about than others. It might be helpful for you to make a list of the topics you enjoy researching and feel most comfortable sharing with other people. From there, it will be easier to filter out which ones you have loved the longest, and that’s most probably your niche!

Closing Thoughts

The response to the question, “How to make 10000 a month,” is not a one-size-fits-all answer. The same applies if you are looking for ways to make money as 13 year old. There is also no such thing as an overnight success unless you win the lottery. You have to remember that everything is earned and worked hard for. But that doesn’t mean that making thousands a month should be stressful and frustrating. 

In life, we have to plant our ground and identify where it is we like to belong. If you want to discover ways to earn 10000 dollars per month, there needs to be a clear path for the niche that we want to partake in and dominate. Your passion or the thing you love doing the most may just be a valuable asset for people who need your enthusiasm. Your passion for writing, proofreading, designing, editing, or even managing social media accounts may help you in your venture towards financial freedom, especially if you are looking for answers on how to make 2000 dollars fast

Remember that the pandemic taught us that we need to be flexible and ready for the worst possible scenario, which is why we need to diversify our skills and abilities and even think about honing our passion to enable us to earn while doing things we love!

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