How To Check Your Michaels Gift Card Balance?

You always feel excited when you receive a gift card. It is because you can now buy things of your choice from a particular store. A gift card works on the principle of a debit card as it has a specific amount with which you can make any purchases of your choice from that particular card. One such exciting card is Michaels gift card Balance. Usually, you will get Michael’s gift card via email.  You either take out a printout of the gift card or store it on your mobile. 

So, when you are making any purchases from the store, you can show it from your phone.  Automatically the amount will be deducted from the card.  First, however, you have to know the worth of the gift card.

Who Should Opt For Michaels Gift Card?

If you are into knitting, art, craft, or any hobbies, then Michaels Gift card is perfect for enhancing your dreams.  You can purchase a gift card of any denomination from any of Michaels’ vast range of stores. The maximum amount of Michaels Gift card that you can buy is $100. 

You can either purchase the gift card from the store or the merchants.  However, one of the best options is to purchase it online.  Once you get the gift card, you can make purchases from any of the stores of Michaels.  However, you have to keep track of Michaels gift card balance before purchasing your favorite item.

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Ways To Check The Balance in Michaels Gift Card

It would be best never to forget that a gift card has a specific purchasing limit. Hence, before you want to make any purchases with the help of your gift card, you must always check the balance, else you may feel embarrassed.

On the other hand, it is always a good habit to check the balance as soon as you purchase any product from that particular store. Hence, if you want to know how much credit is remaining in your Michaels gift card, the following are the options:

Online Option

If you want to know the balance remaining on the gift card, you can browse the website of Michaels. You will find the option “Michaels gift card balance check”.   You will have to enter the card number and pin to get the correct amount remaining in your gift card.  Following are the methods with which you will be able to check Michael’s gift card balance online:

  • Open the official website of Michaels stores.
  • Now, click the link with the option to check your gift card balance.
  • You will land on Michael’s gift card balance checker.
  • To access the page, you will have to click on the available link.
  • A new page will open where you will have to write the gift card code in the specified text box.
  • Next, click on “Check balance”.
  • You will get to know instantly how much balance is there in your Michaels gift card.

You will find the gift card code behind the Michaels gift card. However, if you type in the wrong code, you will not get any information.

Get Facility From The Store

If you visit the store of Michaels with your gift card, you can make your purchases with the same. However, if you are not aware of the balance remaining in your gift card, you can always ask the Michaels team present in the store. They will swipe your card and immediately tell you how much credit you still have. 

If you want to know the balance of your Michaels gift card, you have to visit one of the Michaels stores. Following are the ways with which you can check Michaels card balance from the stores:

  • You have to use Store Locator to find a Michael store near you so that you can pay a visit there with ease.
  • You need to enter the address of your residence along with the zip code.  
  • Click on search to get the address.
  • Once you visit the store, you can ask any of the team members of Michaels to check your gift card balance.
  • They will swipe your card and instantly give you the information.

Check Your Balance Over The Phone 

Michaels has the facility to answer your queries through the phone. If you need to know the balance remaining in your gift card at any point in time, you can always give them a call. However, you have to specify your card number to see the balance remaining on your phone. Michaels has the facility of customer service where if you dial, you will know your Michaels check gift card balance.  Following is the method to check the balance of your gift card with the help of customer support:

  • Michaels Stores has an official phone number for the services of the customers.
  • Dial the customer support services number.
  • You have to concentrate and listen to the instructions carefully. It will be best to dial the number from a place with less sound; otherwise, you will miss important instructions.
  • From the options, choose the helpline option to know your gift card balance.
  • Keep the gift card in front of you before dialing the helpline number. It is because you will have to enter the details of your card.  
  • Click on Enter once you have input the details.
  • You will get a notification about the balance remaining on your card.

Other Options

It may sometimes happen that you still have some balance left on your gift card, and you do not want to purchase anything more. Do not get worried, as you will not lose the remaining credit on your card. There are some options where you will best use Michael’s gift card.

  • You can visit a grocery or departmental store that has a vending machine. However, if the vending machine accepts your half-pay-out gift card, you can always convert your gift card into hard cash.
  • Many websites offer to purchase and sell different gift cards. However, if you have a potential gift card, the merchants can offer cash in return for the card.
  • You can purchase a different gift card by swapping your current one. Hence, you will buy other products from different stores once you finish shopping from the present one. 


A gift card is beneficial in many ways.  It is wise to keep a gift card with you while on a shopping spree.  It is because you will not have to carry cash with you, and you will be spending according to the credit limit of your gift card.  However, you must always check the balance of your card before you indulge yourself in purchasing the products of your choice.  With the help of Michaels gift card, you can buy products related to art and craft and other products that interest you.  

On the other hand, you do not have to depend on others to check the balance remaining on your card. It is because, with so many options available, you can check the credit limit of your card through customer services or online. You can even visit the store and check the balance before making further purchases. Therefore, purchase Michaels gift card now and shop at your free will.

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