How to Get More Traffic from Pinterest (Experiment Part 2)

How to get more traffic from Pinterest

About a month ago, I started a Pinterest experiment. I had no Pinterest account and no followers. I wanted to find out whether Pinterest was a viable way to get traffic to my site.

Today I want to share my results with you.

(note: Make sure to read my Pinterest Traffic Experiment to learn exactly how I set up my Pinterest account and what I did to get these results).

My results in one month:

Traffic from Pinterest: 12,249 sessions – 11,410 unique visitors

how to get traffic with pinterest

Pinterest Followers: +1,1K followers

get followers on Pinterest

Email subscribers: Pinterest brought me 15-20 email subscribers a day

Pins: One Pin went viral and got shared more than 4,000 times.

get traffic from Pinterest

You can see the impact on my site traffic with this spike:

traffic from PinterestWhat I did during this month:

  • I designed 54 pins and shared them with the right group boards.
  • I wanted to get as much traffic as possible from Pinterest so I designed 3-4 pins for each post I wanted to share. After a week I checked the number of repins for each design and kept the one that got the most shares.

What I learned:

  • If you want to get traffic from Pinterest, you need to join as many group boards as possible (they must be related to your blog topic of course) and automatically share the right pins to the right group boards with Boardbooster. (learn how to join group boards, create secret boards and automatically share your pins with Boardbooster)
  • Pinterest is all about design so you must spend time creating your pins and making them appealing. Choose beautiful free images, add some text. Don’t clutter your pin with text though. Make your text simple and big. You want it to be readable on smartphones. 
  • Most people go to Pinterest to browse, which means that when they click on your pin and land on your site, they won’t stay very long. Pinners who visited my site stayed 00:46 on average.

Drive more traffic with Pinterest

It’s not very good. That’s why you shouldn’t rely too much on Pinterest to get traffic. If Pinterest represents a large portion of your traffic, it might have consequences on your organic traffic.

  • People who came from Pinterest and subscribed to my email list were very engaged. They interacted with me, asked me questions, opened my emails and clicked on my links. Pinners are awesome!


Over the last years, I’ve tested countless ways to drive traffic. Pinterest is by far the easiest way I’ve ever encountered. I went from 0 visitors from Pinterest to +10,000 in a month with very little work.

So I definitely recommend you to give Pinterest a try.

But as I said, like every source of traffic out there, don’t rely too much on it, you never know what can happen.


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  • Pavankumar Karnati August 18, 2016, 4:24 am

    Came back to Pinterest after reading this post,

    For now quora is working for me,
    Failed on twitter.

    Will try Pinterest.


  • Harleen Kaur August 20, 2016, 8:18 am

    Hi,after reading your blog (your Pinterest experiment 1 as well),I too have started using Pinterest.But,I have few queries,if you could guide me through. Actually,I run a Finance blog and my blog is India specific,so will it be beneficial to promote it on Pinterest.Will I able to drive traffic from there.Or should I use some other medium to promote it.
    Please guide.Thanks


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