How to Get Email Subscribers With Contests

Have you ever wondered why Apple, a business generating a staggering $187 billion in revenue, relies exclusively on emails for online promotion, bypassing the allure of Facebook and Twitter? The answer lies in the power of email marketing. In this guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of building a substantial email list using contests and unveil the blueprint that led to gaining 1,134 email subscribers in just 14 days.

How to Get Email Subscribers With Contests

Contests Framework: as Your Powerhouse

Running contests transcends mere engagement; it’s a dynamic strategy employed by successful businesses. Noah Kagan, the mind behind Appsumo’s 700,000 subscribers, and Josh Earl, with almost 200,000 email addresses in 11 days, swear by its effectiveness. If rapid results are your goal, contests are your golden ticket.

Recipe for a Successful Contest

To run a successful contest you need to follow this recipe:

1. Choose Giveaways that Make People “Sneeze”

Echoing Seth Godin’s concept of a “Purple Cow,” remarkable products attract influencers or early adopters (sneezers) who, in turn, spread the word to the masses. This principle applies to contests. Your giveaways must be so remarkable that people can’t resist sharing them. Whether it’s high value, time-limited, or in large quantity, ensure a “Wow” effect. Shareability is key; your promotional message should be short and powerful, like a sneeze.

2. Utilize a Viral Plugin: Enter Kingsumo Giveaway

Most contests fail to go viral due to a lack of sharing incentives. Kingsumo Giveaway plugin disrupts this pattern. The more participants share, the higher their chances of winning. It’s the tool Noah Kagan used to grow his list to +700,000, and it’s a one-time payment for a lifetime of use.

3. Set Up a Bulletproof Promotion System

To truly get the word out, you need a robust strategy. Let’s break it down:

Padawan Level

  • Email Your List: If you have one, let them know about your contest.
  • Leverage Your Personal Network: Family, friends, colleagues – share your contest with them.
  • Social Media Blast: Regularly share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.
  • Hello Bar Addition: Install a Hello Bar at the top of your site to capture attention.

Jedi Knight

  • Email Niche Influencers: Personally reach out to bloggers and entrepreneurs in your niche.
  • Engage Blog Commenters: Email everyone who commented on your blog; they’re already engaged.
  • Reach Out to Product Reviewers: Find and contact those who’ve reviewed products similar to your giveaway.
  • Submit to Key Sites: Platforms like Hacker News, Online Sweepstakes, and StumbleUpon can bring significant traffic.

Jedi Master

  • Facebook Ads Investment: A well-spent $100 on Facebook ads can yield substantial results.
  • Build Relationships: Network with bloggers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers; your net worth is tied to your network.
  • Leverage Influencers: Get influencers to share your contest, building a multiplier effect.


Strategically applying these steps led to gaining 1,134 new subscribers in just 14 days. The key lies not only in the quality of your giveaway but in the art of strategic promotion. Master this contest orchestration, and watch your email list flourish. This comprehensive guide provides the roadmap to email subscriber growth through contests, offering both beginners and seasoned marketers a proven blueprint for success.

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