How to Get More Traffic from Pinterest [10 Easy Steps to Skyrocket Your Website Visits]

Welcome to the realm of Pinterest, where pins aren’t just images; they’re potential traffic generators for your website. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unravel the secrets to transforming your Pinterest game and turning those clicks into a traffic surge. Let’s embark on the journey to Pinterest traffic mastery!

How to Get More Traffic from Pinterest [10 Easy Steps to Skyrocket Your Website Visits]

10 Steps to Get More Organic Traffic with Pinterest

Want to increase traffic from Pinterest back to your site? Here are 10 ways to drive more organic traffic to your site with Pinterest.

1. Optimize Your Pinterest Profile

Upgrade to a Pinterest business account to unlock advanced features and insights. Your profile is your digital storefront, so make it appealing. Use a clear profile picture, write a concise and engaging bio, and ensure your website is linked.

2. Create Boards That Tell a Story

Quantity meets quality here. Aim for at least 10 boards, each with a specific theme relevant to your content. From ‘Insider Tips’ to ‘Product Showcase,’ your boards should offer a diverse snapshot of your brand.

3. Design Irresistible Pins

Visual appeal is non-negotiable. Design eye-catching, pinnable images for your top-performing content. Utilize tools like Canva or Adobe Spark to add flair to your visuals. Remember, a scroll-stopping pin is your first step to more traffic.

4. Strategic Board Placement

Your “Best of Your Site” board is your showcase. Feature it prominently as the first board on your profile. It’s the introduction to your content universe, so make it a compelling one.

5. Activate Rich Pins for Added Value

Enhance the user experience by activating Rich Pins. These provide additional information directly on the pin itself, whether it’s a product description or an article snippet. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to stand out.

6. Tap into Group Board Magic

Join relevant group boards to amplify your reach. Group boards are collaborative spaces where your pins get exposed to a wider audience. Request invites and become part of the Pinterest community.

7. Automate Your Pinning Schedule

Consistency is key, but you don’t need to be glued to Pinterest 24/7. Use tools like Tailwind to automate your pinning schedule. Set it up, schedule your pins, and let the automation work its magic.

8. Regularly Add Fresh Pins

Keep your profile dynamic by regularly adding new pins, especially for fresh content. Pinterest loves activity, and your audience will appreciate the steady flow of new and relevant visuals.

9. Dive into Pinterest Analytics

Become a detective of your own success. Pinterest Analytics provides valuable insights into the performance of your pins and boards. Understand what works, identify trends, and tailor your strategy accordingly.

10. Optimize for Keywords

Pinterest is a visual search engine. Optimize your pins and boards with relevant keywords to enhance discoverability. Think about the terms your audience might use to find content similar to yours.

Results and Impact

As you implement these strategies, keep a close eye on your website analytics. The goal isn’t just more traffic; it’s quality traffic that engages with your content. Celebrate the wins, learn from the data, and refine your Pinterest strategy for continuous improvement.


Congratulations, Pinterest pro! You’ve now armed yourself with the tools to turn Pinterest into a formidable traffic source. It’s not just about pins; it’s about crafting a visual narrative that resonates with your audience. Embrace experimentation, stay attuned to trends, and let your pins guide the way to a thriving online presence. Happy pinning, and may your website traffic soar to new heights!

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