Reach any goal with a simple trick

Reach any goal with a simple trick

“Let’s meet tomorrow in Paris”

Imagine living in New York and me telling you that. What would happen?

You would probably go to JFK airport and then fly to Paris. Once in France how would we meet each other?

There are 2 243 833 inhabitants in Paris for 10 540 hectares. You don’t know both the time and the place to meet (You could use a phone or other strategies but let’s forget that for the case). I think you will have a hard time finding me in the city, right?

Why? Because “Let’s meet tomorrow in Paris” is not a clear objective.

To be more effective we should have determined precisely the hour the place and some details about how to get there. That seems fairly logical don’t you think?

So why don’t most people use that logic for their financial success?

Most of the time you see the future as something fuzzy. If I ask you what your objectives are for the next 5 years you will probably tell me:

“I don’t know, I didn’t really think about it…”

Yet your future is exactly like going to Paris! If you want to go somewhere you’d better be precise about it.

So what does it mean in the case of achieving financial independence?

It means that you need to define precisely what financial independence is for you.

To do so here is an exercise:

I want you to take a piece of paper and describe accurately a month when you are financially independent.

You need to picture yourself in that situation as if it was real:

How would it be? Would you be on a beach sipping a cocktail? Would you travel? Would you spend some quality time with your family and friends? Would you have a sports car? A big house? It can be anything you want.

You’ll see that’s a pretty funny exercise to do.

Now that you know exactly what your financial independence looks like for a typical month, you need to evaluate the cost of it. That will allow you to know what you need to earn every month to live the life you want. It looks like this:


Item:Cost:Monthly Payment:
Buy a house$400,000$4,000
Buy a Mercedes$100,000$1,000
Total income needed to be financially independent= $30,000

You now have a clear picture of what’s required to be financially independent.

You also need to define your time frame. How long would it take to reach that goal? How old would you be when being financially independent?

Now you should have a clear picture of your goal, you know:

  • What it looks like
  • What it costs you
  • When you want to reach it

Congratulations, You’re in the Top 10%

If you’ve embarked on this exercise, consider yourself part of an elite group—the 10% committed to shaping their financial destinies. Yet, acknowledging your goal is merely the initial stride.

Beyond Dreams: Taking Action

Many might dismiss this exercise as a mere dream on paper, and to some extent, they’re right. The magic lies not in the vision but in the subsequent actions.

If you scribble your financial dreams on that piece of paper and remain inert, you’re merely a dreamer. However, if you not only articulate your goals but also passionately pursue them, success becomes a tangible reality.

Here are some successful people who write/wrote down their goals and always carry/carry them in their pockets:

Anthony Robbins

Brian Tracy

Napoleon Hill

Richard Branson

-Will Smith

Defining precisely what’s being financially independent for you and writing it down is the first step to reaching your goal.

The second step is to educate yourself on the multiple strategies to get there. The Becomer is here to provide you with that so stay tuned!

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